Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Native American Lady, stage 2 and 3

Hi guys as promised here is my Native American Lady in progress. First of all I cut my sketch out and stuck it onto my canvas. Then glued some tissue paper around her. I cut her top out of the sketch as I thought it would look better painted on a canvas as it would be made out of canvas.

Then I painted her face and background, over the glued tissue paper in acrylic. I want to add lots more detail to this and give her some beads around her neck and perhaps something to the background not sure yet. I also feel that by painting over the sketch I lost some softness to her look so I'm going to try adding some shade and light to her face and hopefully soften her up a bit......I'm hoping to finish it tomorrow!


Penny said...

This is great Nic. Love the colour of her skin - can't wait to see what you do with the beads and the background. xxx

Annette Q said...

The sketch is lovely Nicola! I love how she's glancing to the side. And I love what you're doing with it, the colours are so vibrant and beautiful! :-)

Julia Christie said...

So creative! I love the mix of mediums. Her eyes are great too. I can't wait to see the finished picture.

lissa said...

it looks like it's coming along very well, and thanks for letting us know the process, I'm always interest in process and how a work became a certain way, not everyone has the same method so it's nice to know, thanks

Susan said...

Wow Nicola you are really rockin' girl! She is coming along beautifully - I love your mixed media and the details in her beads, wonderful job! Thanks for your advice re: blogger. I put a message in the forums, but no one has responded yet. I'm hoping like you said it'll just go away - but for now trying Internet Explorer instead of Chrome seems to help. Ironic isn't it, you'd think Google's own browser would work better!


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