Friday, December 30, 2011

Paint Party Friday - A new toy!

Hi guys I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!! We had a lovely time down the coast!
 The weather was beautiful!

 The boys had a lovely time at the beach!
 Splashing in the waves with their grandparents.
 I even dipped in my toes! :0)
The boys collected so many hermit crabs, don't worry we put them all back ;0)

 I tried drawing a sand frog :0)

Hubby gave me an airbrush for Christmas. I've never used one before so it's been like learning to draw all over again! I've been watching videos on youtube and trying to figure out how to use it! I'm struggling with doing fine lines so really need a proper lesson I think. I do however love using it for shading and managed to do a couple of paintings the last couple of days and experiment with it!
 This one is on a canvas board and I really loved how it popped when I used the paintbrush on top just for the fine lines!!

 This one was a practice run, just on paper and I realise that the paint really bleeds into the paper I just couldn't seem to make a fine line.
 I have been meaning to paint this bag for weeks. I really love how the shading turned out I think it really gives it a soft quality! :0) I used the fine paint brush for the thin lines. I'm hoping that I'll be able to master this way of painting but I guess it take practice! :0)
Hope you all have a great New Years weekend and I look forward to visiting you all! :0)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Paint Party Friday - Frog obsession continues

Hi everyone, well Christmas is nearly upon us so I thought I'd better add my paint party Friday pieces before things got crazy.

My last post I put up some frog pictures as I've been obsessed with them lately, so many characters bouncing around in my head, so this week in between lots of Christmas preparation I managed to paint two more.
'Zombie' Frog must be my favourite! I had so much fun with this little guy heheheh. I'm a massive zombie movie fan so had a lot of ideas for this one! He's painted in acrylic paint and I've used a biro pen to outline him, I've never used biro like this before it works really well with the paint!

'Karate' Frog, I've used some inspiration from the original 'Karate Kid' for this one heheheh!!!

I wish you all a fantastic happy and safe Christmas and look forward to painting more of these little guys next week! :0)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday sketches - Obsessed with frogs!

Hi guys!

After creating my ballerina frog t-shirt for a little loved one I've had so many more froggy characters pop into my head and started sketching them! I think these little frogs would make lovely canvas' for children's bedrooms and I plan on painting them on a larger scale!

First up I got a bit festive with 'Santa Frog'
This one is 'Princess Frog'

I've got some other sketches I've been working on but will have to paint those another day!!! I seem to be heading back towards the childrens art at the moment I love creating new characters :0)

Hope you are all having a great weekend and enjoying the lead up to Christmas, now that school is finishing up and my Christmas market is done I'll be able to come visiting you all again! :0)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Crazy time of year and Sunday sketches!

Wow is anyone else feeling swamped by the silly season? We've had Christmas school concerts, parties, end of year/school parties and yesterday my cousin and I collaborated for a Christmas market of our own. My cousin Clare is a hand bag designer who has a label of her own called Hforhandbag. She is an amazingly talented girl who is probably the most driven person I know :0). Check out her website if you'd like to find out more about her. We decided to collaborate and hold a mini market at my house. By invitation only. We set up in my back garden as it was the most perfectly sunny day. We had coffee tea and biscuits as well as jugs of iced water with lemon and mint to keep our visitors comfortable.

 Clare's set up looked fantastic on my deck and she had a wonderful shady spot! You can also see my spot in the background.

Clare and her beautiful bags. Click on the HforHandbag link above to see more :0)

My stall on the grass! :0)

We were so happy with how it turned out,  and had so much fun it was a really lovely day, lots of chatting, trying on of bags and jewellery with some soft jazz sounds in the back ground. I think we'll do another one of these in the new year for sure!!! :0)

I am so exhausted today and a little bit sun burnt (naughty me) but I'm looking forward to sketching up some new designs and ideas as the last few weeks have been spent preparing for our big day.

I have finished another t-shirt for another little loved one, this one is for 'Mermaid Sian'. My cousin's 5 year old is the most amazing young swimmer I've ever seen, she swims around like a little mermaid and really wants to be a mermaid one day :0) So I couldn't resist capturing that on her T-shirt!! I'm happy with how she turned out and even included her lovely little freckles!


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