Saturday, January 21, 2012

Paint Party Friday and Sunday Sketches 'I'm the king of the pond'.....

 Hi guys, first up this week is a little canvas I worked on. I decided I wanted to recreate my frog princess in this mixed media piece. I used Japanese papers, painted over them with acrylic paint. I felt like it give the painting a bit more depth and texture and it was fun to do something different.
 I have added this little cutie to my shop as I think it would look lovely in a little girls bedroom :0)
 I really took my time painting the sides of the canvas too! :0)
 This sketch was another exercise I set myself, I wanted to play around with facial expression. This girl looks unimpressed with something ;0)

Lastly this is my latest piece in my frog series. 'I'm the king of the pond'....I'm sure I don't have to explain my inspiration behind this one? I painted this piece in gouache paint with some coloured pencil on top! :0) I really love how bright the gouache is, i would love to try it on watercolour paper next :0)

I'm finding my frog series a great source of inspiration, it's great to paint one of these when i'm lacking some inspiration or my muse has disappeared :0) They always make me smile too! ;0)

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and look forward to catching up on what you've all been doing!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Paint Party Friday/Sunday Sketches!

Hi guys

I've been combining my pieces for both challenges lately because I'm having a lot less art time at the moment with school holidays going on etc. So I think for the moment I shall be posting once a week like this just so I can keep up at least with the challenges.

So this week I have managed to create another froggy character! Today we have 'Marilyn Mon-Frog'!!!! :0) I'm already working on my next piece for the froggy collection and can't wait to share that one with you too! I think I might do a frog on canvas next :0)

 I had a right little giggle painting this one :0)

This next piece I was able to squeeze in the other day in between shuttling my little ones to play dates and generally keeping them out of mischief! I was getting very depressed just walking by my art table this week and not being able to sit down and work on all the ideas I've got rattling around my head. So I thought I'd practice creating some expressions with just the eyes and eye brows. I'm going to start working on a book that I collaborated on with my cousin a couple of years ago. I finished a draft version but we weren't ready to move forward with it back then I needed to work on my art. I think I'm feeling ready to give it another go so really want to work on my character creation and facial expressions :0) (no this book is not about frogs ;0) but perhaps I should think about that for the future ;0) ).
I really enjoyed this exercise!!! :0)

Ok best dash off it's time to take the boys to another play date!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Paint Party Friday and and an early entry for Sunday sketches

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a great New Years and have recovered. I wasn't too bad this week, we had a big party on the weekend even the kids stayed up into the wee hours and we all lazed around the next day. It's still summer holidays over here at the moment so I've been busy taking the kids to play dates, the pool and keeping them occupied etc. I've even managed to get back into my exercise a bit 2012 is the year I get buff (fit)....well I'll try anyway ;0)

I'm including these pieces as my Sunday sketches too as we have two birthday parties this weekend and the husband is dragging me to a car show not my thing but when he told me that there was an air brush exhibition as well I decided to give it a go. So hopefully next week I'll have some pictures to show you and I might even be able to get some tips!!!

Ok first up is another in my series of frogs. I really love drawing these little guys as it really gets my creative juices flowing, and I'm thinking up all sorts of scenarios for them to be in :0)

This one is 'Disco Frog'
 Move over Travolta!

This next piece is another of my experiments with the airbrush that I got for Christmas. I used the air brush for the skin, background and hair then added details over the top. I really do like the look of the airbrush it gives it a softness that I'm not able to get with a paint brush. I think though that it's going to take me a long time to be able to do details with an airbrush it really is tricky but I really am having fun trying new things!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend and I'll pop by over the weekend!!


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