Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Sketches

Hi everyone,

Well spring has certainly sprung over here and it's been so nice having some warmer weather I even spent the afternoon yesterday painting on the deck. I bought some wood and have begun a series of paintings.

This is what I painted whilst sitting in the sun yesterday, it is called 'Letting go is good for the soul'.

 I started with this sketch of an idea........
 Then painted her on wood........

It was a lovely afternoon.

I've also been working on a new sign for my market stall. I'm hoping to do a market next month now that the weather has warmed up. I need something eye catching which shows people what I'm all about and I'm hoping that this pretty lady will do the trick!

Last but not least this is my current work in progress on wood. This I'm I'm going for a more realistic portrait and I want to try bleeding the paint into the wood. Like I've done with this water solulable graphite stick!

Right off to bed now, hope you are all well and I shall be visiting this week! :0)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Sketches!

Hi guys,

Finally I'm managing to post in time for Sunday Sketches!! Life has been so busy of late that I'm finding it hard to sit down and blog as often!

So I thought first of all I'd show you what's been keeping me so busy recently!

I've started a new project with the year 3/4's, for those of you who don't know this year I became 'The Artist in Residence' at my boys primary school. And I'm LOVING it! I've been painting murals and working on such a large scale as well as working my way through the different year groups and doing special projects with each group. (You can see my murals and previous projects in my recent posts).

My latest project is to create a bust of a convict out of papier mache. The children have been learning all about the convicts that came to Australia a long time ago and what they went through. I've been asked to create 11 convicts (with the children) based on actual descriptions of real people. There are 66 children in this year so we've divided them into 11 groups. I made a model of my own so that I knew what was involved and to give the kids something to guide them.

This is my first ever papier mache and I quite enjoyed it! :0)

Luckily he isn't supposed to be pretty! I'll show you the childrens work when it's finished! :0)

Next up is a present I made for a couple of friends who've just had a baby. They are both Leo's. I have been speaking with the father about ideas as it's a surprise for the mum :0)  and he said that they both love The Lion King so I painted this with them in mind watching over their little man! :0)

 I painted this little roller derby girl this afternoon. I love roller derby but I'm to much of a woos to try it myself ;0)
 Last but not least is my latest mini work of art. I added this little mermaid to my ACEO collection. I shall add her to my shop once she is varnished :0) I created a lot of texture in this one.
I'm off to visit you all and see what you've been up too! :0)


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