Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New experiments!

I was so excited today as my new supplies arrived. I wasn't sure how they'd go as sometimes it's hard to tell when you order things over the net but I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived and I even managed to put a couple of things together this evening. It's so cool using the Japanese paper that I picked up while we were in Japan! I've got so much of it that it'll no doubt be popping up in all sorts of my art work.

These two pendants were made using oval acrylic cabochans that really magnify the image, I've never used these before so I really enjoyed fiddling with it. I've got so many ideas of prints that I could use in these too so I'll no doubt be ordering more :0)

The last shot is a little snippet of my new art area. I want to get some paintings on the wall first before I give you a proper look as at the moment the walls are bare but I wanted to show you the chaos that is my desk right now. I've got so many different ideas and projects going on that I'm a bit scattered but I can't help it. I'm working on a commission for someone which involves sketching and painting etc then i've got a charcoal sketch that I did for this weeks illustration Friday but I need to paint it first, as well as my Japanese paper and new pendants etc. I really should try working on my to do list again ;0)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A new fairy painting

Hi Guys

This week I have been working on this new painting which I decided to make for some neighbours of ours, this lovely couple that live just around the corner have just had a little girl of their own. We don't know them too well but when we had our son Riley they heard about our new addition and brought round lots and lots of frozen home made meals for us which in the end came in very handy as we were so sleep deprived. It was such a lovely thought that I was very touched by as we really didn't know them. So when I heard about their new addition I immidiately wanted to paint them something special for the baby's room.

So here she is I hope they like her :0)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Sketch and Mixed Media Monday 'Seeing Red'

Well I have been productive this weekend!! This afternoon I sat down in front of the tele to write up a list of things that I would like to do creatively, like turning some of my artwork into bookmarks and wearable art etc, I guess it was like a 'To Do' list as I've got so many ideas bouncing around in my head. I did write a list but then whilst watching a movie I seemed to start drawing this vampire girl. I drew her with a blue ball point pen and when she revealed herself to me with those droplets of blood I decided to colour them red so they would stand out. I just used one of my fine liners, I also used a brown one just to give the hair some extra oomf!!!

Anyway here she is I'm off to read my book about vampires heheheh (The short second life of Bree Tanner, in the Twilight series). I started this one on the plane but never got to finish it!

Illustration Friday - Atmosphere

Hi guys,

This is my piece for Illustration Friday this week. I painted it on card using acrylic paints, and charcoal, I'm really enjoying incorporating the use of charcoal in my work at the moment, it's nice to use it again.

I really enjoyed working on this as I just let my mind take over and loosened up a bit which I felt I really needed to do.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

My new ideas

Well here are the couple of pendants I made last night. I used two different types of my new paper to make each one, I picked the background colour to compliment the patterned paper and I outlined the hearts in charcoal. I really liked how the charcoal seemed to bleed into the paper underneath. I decided to decorate the backs of the pendant with the same paper that was used in the heart as I thought that might be a nice change from the usual plain black that I would use.

I really like these as they are different from my other pendants I have made with this type of paper. I'm going to keep experimenting. I think that I might even put these in my shop in the future as they are cute!

The last picture is of our mandarin tree. It's so cold here at the moment but we are coming to the end of winter thank goodness. I was surprised at how many mandarins were on our tree and of the size of them, perhaps this year we might even be able to eat them!!!

Shop Announcement and some lovely Japanese paper

Hi everyone, I finally reopened my shop this morning, I have listed a few items but plan on listing many more in the coming weeks, at the moment I am experimenting with some new ideas on how to use this Japanese paper that I picked up on our travels. I am waiting for a couple of pieces to dry then I shall show you what I came up with.

Just thought you might like to see this lovely paper that I have ready to play with, hope you all have a good weekend!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Star Gazing - Illustration Friday (My first piece since my big trip)

Hi everyone well it feels so good to be back, I'm still busy setting up my new art space but once it is finished I shall post a few pics as I love looking at other peoples art areas so thought you might like a look at mine.

I finally sat down last night and painted, it had been over 6 weeks since I'd really drawn or painted and it's funny how rusty you feel when you've had a bit of a break, but I really enjoyed it and I'm quite happy with how it turned out. The theme for Illustration Friday this week is 'Star Gazing'. I've had this image in my head ever since we went to France, we spent a week there, mostly in a rural area amongst the prettiest villages I've ever seen but the hubby and I were lucky enough to spend the day in Paris by ourselves while my wonderful brother and his beautiful partner watched our boys. I was very taken with these beautiful balconies that were everywhere especially in the city, they'd be brimming with pretty flowers, and I could just picture myself sitting out there watching the world go by. I think Paris is a very beautiful city which really surprised me, but those old buildings with these cute little balconies really did it for me :0).

So for illustration friday this week I decided to paint a pretty french lady sitting out on her balcony at night watching the stars..........I miss Paris ;0)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Some holiday pics!

I am sooooo keen to get drawing but unfortunately I'm still setting up the house and art room. I'm raring to go though and while I was in Japan I bought some beautiful Japanese paper which I can't wait to use, I shall take some photos of it to show you soon.

In the mean time here are a couple of shots of our trip. A trip to Caerphilly Castle in Wales, Notre dame and The Eiffel Tower!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

I'm baccccccck!

Hi everyone well it's been ages since my last post. We arrived back from our trip overseas yesterday morning and it's so good to be home.We have been to London, England, Wales, France (Paris) and Japan. We had a fantastic time and I'm so inspired by all my sight seeing. I spent a week in France and a day in Paris which really inspired me and I'm full of so many ideas for new paintings. I bought some pretty Japanese paper in Japan and I'm so keen to paint more geisha and Japanese inspired pictures. I did take a sketch book with me but in the whole 5 weeks I wasn't able to sit down and draw but I don't feel too bad about that as I have seen so much and taken so many photos that will inspire me for many months to come.

We also went and looked at our newly renovated house yesterday and will be moving back in today. I can't wait to set up my new art area, I really am raring to go.

So stay tuned as I've got lots of photos to share of our travels and hope to get back into creating very soon. Just got ALOT of unpacking to do!


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