Saturday, March 30, 2013

Paint Party Friday and Sunday sketches

Hi guys, hope you are all having a great Easter weekend so far.  We aren't going anywhere for the holidays but had a lovely family lunch and easter egg hunt at my Aunties place yesterday it was beautiful!

This week I've been finishing up a commission doing more experimenting with a drippy painting and yesterday I cracked open my new prismacolour pencils (where have you been all my life). I'm so in love with those pencils but first things first.

First up is a commission I was asked to do for a friend. She is running a womens group through her Church and it is her very first one that she is running so wanted to give a gift to each of her ladies in her group. She asked me to make a bookmark using the quote and we decided upon one of my ladies to go along with it. I added some beads and those cute little dragonflies, really happy with how they came out :0).

Next up is a bit of a mixed media experiment. I felt like drawing something a little different so had a play around with this owl and some watercolours and coloured pencils.

Do you recognise this hottie? :0) I felt like painting a man for a change and I have to say it wasn't had staring at this face for a few hours ;0). For those of you who don't know this is 'Damon' (Ian Somaholder) from The Vampire Diaries. My little guilty pleasure ;0)

This last piece I doodled yesterday whilst trying out my new Prismacolors. I thought I'd buy a pack and see what all the fuss was about. And WOW!!!! I LOVE them they are so vibrant and blend so well together. I just started sketching some eyes to practice how to use them and buy the end of my doodling session I was left with this strange piece :0) I decided to call it 'Dysmorphia' as it made me think of how some people have a totally different body image to what they really look like. I just love how the colours all blended together I think this might be my new obsession :0)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Paint Party Friday

Hi guys,

I've been so busy with trying new things the last couple of weeks and have gone back to watercolour. I did try to post last week but was having trouble yet again with using my blog. So frustrating but I have it working again.

So this week I wanted to share my latest paintings with you:
So my new direction started with this portrait. I painted the face first and felt that it needed a little oomph. So I just played around with the hair. It was really hard for me to leave the hair as it was without much detail or depth but I'm so glad I did. I really like the looseness this technique has given my work.

So after that one I decided to revisit my 'Disappointed' sketch that I showed you last post. I re-drew it then painted the detail on the face. I took a massive plunge ( for me) and started to do the drippy hair again, and took a big chance when I guided the drips down the face. It was quite liberating heheheh.


I have to admit it's not often that I fall in love with one of my own paintings but I really love this one. It represents taking a chance and stepping outside of my comfort zone as well as the feelings I had when I originally drew the sketch :0)

Next up I did this green lady who I decided to put some words to. It's funny how putting some words to a picture can completely change the feel or meaning.

This one I called 'Take my breath away'.....

"Life is not measured by the number of breathes we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” — Maya Angelou

I really liked the quote with the picture.

The last painting I wanted to share with you I did a couple of weeks ago. I saw a photo of a bloggy friends beautiful daughter and was inspired to paint her using my new found obsession of 'drippy painting' :0)

I'm so inspired with my new found love of watercolours it's funny how I seem to go through different phases of what mediums I like to use.

I've also been playing around with getting some of these designs printed onto bags and even a t-shirt for myself :0)
 "You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try".

Last but not least I have decided to do another market in the beginning of May so I thought I'd have a play around with framing my paintings so that I can take them along with me, I need to give these frames a good wipe but am really happy with how they look :0)

Looking forward to catching up with you all and sorry for my absence! :0)


Friday, March 1, 2013

Paint Party Friday/Sunday Sketches

Hi guys,

Last week I finally discovered that I'm able to upload my pics again so in my previous post you can see my work from January that I shared with 'Sunday Sketches'. I have so much to share that I thought I'd now share my February work with you guys. I've been doing lots of new paintings this month, watercolour, acrylic and oils! I just can't stop! :0)

This first piece is done with mostly watercolour but I did use a little bit of acrylic on top (white and yellow speckles). I was playing around with creating a soft focus background then having the details mainly in the face. I wanted her to blend in with background a bit!

 This second piece is completely in watercolour. I just really liked her pose and I was working on getting my watercolours as bright and bold as possible.
 With these sketches I wanted to practice different emotions in my pieces. The one above is called 'Disappointed' and I really love how her eyes turned out :0)
 The coloured pencil sketch below was a challenge for me as she has a very animated face.
 This one was a doodle I did on the couch in front of the tele just yesterday....hmmmmmm it was raining so perhaps I was feeling trapped?
 This one is another new idea for a design for one of my tote bags :0)
Last but not least is a new canvas. I haven't painted in acrylic or oils on canvas for a long time and had the urge to last week.


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