Saturday, October 27, 2012

Paint Party Friday and Sunday Sketches

What a crazy week, work has been very busy, we've nearly finished our papier mache convict busts. My house has been upside down as we decided to redecorate my eldest sons room as he was in major need of a makeover and I've been struck down with hayfever for the first time ever! :0( now I know what all you poor souls have been going through all this time. I've also been suffering from terrible dermititis on my hands which I think is related to the hayfever! So it's been a very long week.

Today I'm off to do a market, this market is a new one for me and very popular in the centre of town so fingers crossed! I'll let you know how I go.

Here is what has been keeping me busy this week!

These are the finished convicts, the others just need to be painted I'm so proud of the children and the hard work they put into their pieces. They had an assembly yesterday where the kids got up with their convicts and talked about the person and what happened to them and showed their masterpieces off to the rest of the school :0)

Next up is a piece I painted for my little sister, her and her hubby have just had their first baby. I wanted to do something special for them and based this painting on some photos of a trip their took to (I think it was Bali) where they stayed for a week at an elephant sanctuary and volunteered to look after them. It was a very special trip for them and they have a big lovely of elephants. They loved the painting :0)

This is a painting I finished just the other day, little blue cherub in oils! :0)

 I really enjoyed painting the eyes!
And last but not least here are some new products I'll be taking to the markets with me today. I have been wanting to try to use prints of my paintings as greeting cards and have just received my first two in time for the market! I have 10 sets of each just to see how they go but have big plans to use more of my work like this :0)
Right best dash off and get ready eeeek! Have a great weekend guys!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Paint Party Friday - Babies babies babies, school holidays and my baby's birthday!

Hi everyone,

I really wanted to post this week at Paint Party Friday and catch with you all. I've been so busy with my own two boys as it's been school holidays so it's been lots of projects  as well as creating two new pieces for some new members of my family.

First up here is my second painting on wood that I finished last week, I'm really happy with her and just have to figure out the best way to varnish her:

Now I'm pretty confident that my cousin doesn't see my blog (she follows me on facebook) so I'll post the painting I made for her new little man. It's winging it's way to Scotland so I hope it arrives safely.

I made a special canvas for his bedroom :0)

I really enjoyed working on this one as it's not very often I get to paint for boys! :0) I chose a deep canvas for this one with nice big edges so I prettied up the sides. I normally go for canvas' with very shallow sides so this was a nice change. I also incorporated some mixed media by using Japanese paper for the kite and wool for the kite strings. I hope they like it :0)

Oh next up I have to show you this new beautiful diary I bought whilst we were away on holiday down the coast a week or so ago. It was a definite indulgence but hubby insisted I deserved it! :0) It's all hand made and hand stamped leather! Bought from a market! I managed to paint a lady inside already! :0)

I called her 'Seline' :0) I can't wait to fill up this beautiful diary with lots of work! :0)

I also had a new niece arrive in the family last week, my little sister had her first which is soooooo exciting! I'm currently working on a painting for them which i shall share with you next week! Hope you are all having a great week and look forward to seeing what you've all been up to! :0) x


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