Friday, July 26, 2013

Paint Party Friday

Hi guys,

First up I apologise for the long post, well it's long as I have lots of pics to show you. Well I've been so busy these last few weeks as I've picked up extra days at work at the school I've had back to back commissions and I'm getting ready for a Burlesque Bazaar so I've just been posting the odd photo of what I've been working on to my facebook I'm sorry I neglected my blog.

So here are a collection of things that have kept me very busy in the last month or so:

First up I have done some drawings and paintings of different expressions as I wanted to work on improving my portraits. This is a young Sean Connery :)
 Next up is Miranda Hart! I LOVE her and her show and really enjoyed painting her quirky expression! :)
 This next pencil drawing started off as a pic of Angelina Jolie but I got a bit carried away and she turned into something else :) but I still like it!
 This is a portrait of a friend of mine that I painted. She is so photogenic that I couldn't resist putting her in one of my paintings.
 This gorgeous beauty was a commission for a lady who loves cows!
 Here are some beautiful art works by the kindergarten class. Last term i worked with them over quite some time and we concentrated on blending techniques with the oil pastels and how to use them properly. I also introduced them to abstract art with this Kandinsky inspired lesson where they created their own concentric circle pieces. They really had a ball with this project and I was so impressed! They all look fantastic on their classroom wall together!

 In the next lesson we created a 3d piece using our Kandinsky circles, the kindergarteners folded the wings and stuck them on to the paper. These turned out wonderfully too!

 There are some wonderful artists in Kindy!
 Love the colours in this last one!
 Here are a couple of portraits that I have made which I've turned into prints for my upcoming Burlesque Bazaar!

 I've also been playing around with painting glass.......

 Here are some bottle cap pendants that I made using prints of my recent work!

 I'm so happy with these! :)

 Last but not least is my latest commission! I had sooooo much fun with this one!
Phew!!!!! As you can see things have been a bit crazy busy for me lately but I wouldn't have it any other way! I love what I'm doing! :) Hope you are all having a great Friday!


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