Saturday, June 23, 2012

Paint Party Friday and Sunday Sketches!!

Hi everyone I really wanted to make sure that I posted this weekend. It's been a couple of weeks since I've been able to sit and blog. Work is going well and I managed to finish the mural in the preschool this week.

This photo doesn't do it justice as it was taken on my phone but I wanted to show you the finished piece:
 My mum thought it was really cool that I could actually fit into one of paintings :0)
We've only got a couple of weeks before the end of term but I'm going to be starting another mural in a different area of the school (in the unit for the children with special needs) I've been asked to brighten up their outdoor area and hopefully the children will help me paint this one. Can't wait to start that one. I'm also about to start some new projects with the preschool children. (They loved the tree I painted so much that I'm going to do a project where they can paint their own whimsical trees) and I'm going to discuss doing another class with the oldest kids!!! So it's all go go go! :0)

I've also been working on some pieces at home this last couple of weeks. First up I finished those two paintings that I showed you last post:
 My owl painting came up really nice!
 I called this portrait 'Kate'.....
 This is an idea I'm working on for my October entry for the creative sistahs project. I'm thinking of incorporating a print of this painting into my entry! :0)
 And lastly here is a sketch that I've been playing around with I really wanted to do something with a darker edge and was feeling a little vampy the other other ;0) I want to continue on with this idea and perhaps paint a full length vamp!!! :0)
Hope you are all going well and I shall try to get round to visit you all! :0)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Sunday Sketches and Paint Party in progress! :0)

Hi guys well I can't believe another busy week is at an end. I managed to finish the lady I showed you in my last post. I felt she needed more depth to her face and wanted to soften her up a bit as I felt like she looked a bit cold so I added eyelashes.

I think I'm finally satisfied with her now :0) She is painted in oils so when she finally dries I shall be adding her to my shop!

I also went into work again this week (I still can't believe I'm actually getting paid to do this) and worked on the mural for the preschool. I have also been continuing with the art classes and I'm absolutely loving this! :0)
I think the mural is really coming together now! :0) I'm hoping to finish the hills and completely paint the tree next week, although it is a public holiday on one of the days I'm due in next week so I'm not sure how far I will get. I'm loving this though it's such a great experience it's so funny to see something of mine on such a large scale! :0)

These last couple of paintings are my current WIPs. I really enjoying going from one piece to the other it keeps me interested. These are also in oils, I can't get enough of oils at the moment!

I just wanted to leave you with this shot I took in my garden this morning, for those of you lucky people sweltering in the summer heat, just think of me waking up to -5c!!! I have to say though it really is pretty!

Oh and I have a question for you. I just noticed that my blogger has changed and I can't find where to see my 'newsfeed' anymore. I want to see what you've all been up to and I can't find it, can anyone tell me where it is now as it all looks different?

Thanks and I hope you all had a great week! :0)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Paint Party Friday and Sunday sketches

Hi everyone, well I finally started my much anticipated 'Artist in Residence' position at the local Primary school this week.

I started the massive mural and I did a couple of sessions with the oldest kids. I really really really enjoyed both. It was so nice to be able to encourage and inspire some young minds. I came to realise that not every child has the love of art that myself and my children do and I even found a couple of children who found the experience of creating art very daunting and stressful. So my goal for them is to help them gain the courage to give it a go. It doesn't come easy to everyone so that was something I learned very quickly. I hope that I can help make art time a fun experience for those who are a bit overwhelmed by it.

I did find a few students who I could see love to draw so that was exciting to see too :0) I really enjoyed interacting with the students so that was fun! :0)

As for my mural, it is HUGE I've not worked on such a big scale before but I think it's going to look really really awesome. Here is an early work in progress shot:
I'm really happy with the grass once I added the highlights it really made it pop! I don't know if you can see in the background but I have sketched up some hills a rainbow and a smiley sun :0) Back in on Monday to work on both projects.

One other thing I thought I'd show you this week is this lady I painted yesterday in oils, I think I want to add more shading in her face but need her to dry a little bit first!

I think she needs more depth in her face!

I'm going to try my best to visit you all this weekend as I want to see what you have all been up to!


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