Friday, April 19, 2013

Paint Party Friday....what a couple of weeks.....

Hi guys, well the last couple of weeks have gone by in a blur. Last week hubby and I went away for our very first holiday without the children. We went to sunny...ahem...Queensland....alright it rained pretty much the whole time we were there but we did manage to have a good time.  We went to Australia Zoo which was amazing and Underwaterworld and even had time to do a 10km run which was just as well as we ate lots too ;0)

Had to share these pics of where we stayed!

 Our room was the very bottom one where you step out into the pool........
 I even got a bit of backstroke in.......
Our little lagoon :0)

We did have a lovely time, but upon our return had to deal with the kids both getting gastro one after the other then of course it was my turn this week, I have never been so it's hubby's turn ah well.....we still have the memories of the holiday ;0)

I have done a bit of drawing and painting around all these crazy happenings so let me share with you what I have been working on lately.

This is another sketch with my new prismacolour pencils! :)

I finished my school mural, here are some pics of it in front of the wall that it's going to be mounted on, I'll show you when it goes up but wanted to share it here :)

 Really enjoyed working on this one! :)

 These two are my Day of the Dead inspired ladies. I painted them in water colour and also used the prismacolor pencils on top to add some depth. I'm in love with my drippy ladies! :0)

This last piece is a canvas commission that I finished today. I'm especially proud of this one as it was totally outside of my comfort zone, I really love a challenge though so it was great to do!

Sorry for the looooong post but I had so much to share as I had missed a couple of Fridays. Hope you are all well and I look forward to seeing what you've all been up to since I've been away! Happy Friday!


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