Saturday, August 21, 2010

My new ideas

Well here are the couple of pendants I made last night. I used two different types of my new paper to make each one, I picked the background colour to compliment the patterned paper and I outlined the hearts in charcoal. I really liked how the charcoal seemed to bleed into the paper underneath. I decided to decorate the backs of the pendant with the same paper that was used in the heart as I thought that might be a nice change from the usual plain black that I would use.

I really like these as they are different from my other pendants I have made with this type of paper. I'm going to keep experimenting. I think that I might even put these in my shop in the future as they are cute!

The last picture is of our mandarin tree. It's so cold here at the moment but we are coming to the end of winter thank goodness. I was surprised at how many mandarins were on our tree and of the size of them, perhaps this year we might even be able to eat them!!!


Sophia said...

Nicola, they are all lovely, but I especially love that first one! :)

Fair Rosamund said...

These are so pretty!! I really like the charcoal outline too :) ~Lauren

Julia Christie said...


Thanks for your lovely comments over at my place. I LOVE these new pendants! I think the charcoal makes them too! I think you told me once, but where do you get your supplies to make the pendants? I would love to try to make one for myself.

So glad you are back and great to share what you are creating.


Diana Evans said...

oh wow!!! these are wonderful new pendants Nicola!!!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I love them and the wire? that they are on!

Kelly Berkey said...

Just darling! I love the charcoal too. The papers are amazing!


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