Sunday, August 22, 2010

Illustration Friday - Atmosphere

Hi guys,

This is my piece for Illustration Friday this week. I painted it on card using acrylic paints, and charcoal, I'm really enjoying incorporating the use of charcoal in my work at the moment, it's nice to use it again.

I really enjoyed working on this as I just let my mind take over and loosened up a bit which I felt I really needed to do.


Kristin said...

This is just beautiful - and has so much meaning. It really seems to come from your heart, Kristin xo

Kylie said...

This has a very nice feel to it, you can tell that you felt very free working on it. thanks for your kind comments.

Tammie said...

oh, you did atmosphere too. I love this, so loving and wonderful!

creativechai said...

This is beautiful, I love the way she's nestled in with both the earth and the atmosphere. what a great take on the theme.

Kate S said...

Lovely interpretation of the theme and very nice style. Very beautiful. It's a great illustration for this week's topic.


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