Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Some holiday pics!

I am sooooo keen to get drawing but unfortunately I'm still setting up the house and art room. I'm raring to go though and while I was in Japan I bought some beautiful Japanese paper which I can't wait to use, I shall take some photos of it to show you soon.

In the mean time here are a couple of shots of our trip. A trip to Caerphilly Castle in Wales, Notre dame and The Eiffel Tower!


Kelly Berkey said...

What a wonderful trip and a beautiful family you have!
I can't wait to see what you do with your new paper too!
have a lovely evening!

Heather said...

hi, have fun setting up your new art room - and thanks for sharing your pics! Looks like you had a great time visiting some wonderful places!

Diane Duda said...

Blogs are just chock full of wonderful travel photos this time of year! Yours are great. Thanks for sharing. :)

Amalia K said...

Nicola!! You're baaaccckkkk!!!! Hahahaa... :D

Well, It's good to see you had a wonderful time with the family, and your head must be bursting with ideas! Come on, I know you're dying to pour them out! Can't wait to see your Japanese ladies on canvas... (^_^)

Kristin said...

What a beautiful family! I hope you had so much fun. Kristin xoxo

Cheryl Lynn said...

You all are a lovely family! Looks like you had a wonderful time. I'm happy you're back and look forward to your beautifully rendered, color saturated art!

Have a great day!


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