Sunday, March 21, 2010

I've been a bad blogger

Hi everyone, over the last couple of weeks I have been lucky enough to receive some blog awards from some lovely friends. Things are so crazy here at the moment that I haven't really had time to respond to them. With organising an overseas trip and birthdays, school things, etc etc going on, I struggle to find the time to be creative. So I apologise for my delay in responding to these lovely awards.

Firstly I received the sunshine award from Susan at Susan beth Studio and Amalia from Translucent Blue. Thank you so much guys. They are both such lovely blog friends and wonderful artists.

In the same week I also received the Kreative blogger award from my good buddy Deedra from Foxy blue and family too. Deedra's work is so inspiring, you must check all these wonderful artists out!!

Now I'm going to be a big fat cheat and just pass these awards on to all of my wonderful blog friends old and new!!! I've been doing this for a year now and have met, and continue to meet all sorts of wonderful people and talented artists. I think this experience is better than any class I could do and I'm so appreciative of the help and advice I've received from you all so thank you very much everyone I pass these awards on to you all because you deserve it!


Susan said...

Don't feel like you have to apologize Nicola, being a mommy is the #1 job and priority anywhere, and it sounds like you're a great one! Congrats on your other award! So are you really saying we can just grab it and pass it on? If you're sure, I'll do the exact same thing, the rules are so silly anyway, I'm never going by them anymore! Please let me know for sure if it's OK, thanks!

Susan said...

OK, hee hee, now we're tag blogging! I really need to sign off, but just wanted to thank you again Nicola, I'll accept the award, what the heck and pass it on the same way you did, I think it's a great idea - Cheers! Susan

Sophia said...

Congrats to you, Nicola! :) hee

Kristin said...

That's wonderful! I love your post too - I feel better because I never got around to posting about my lovely award from you . . . It was crazy during the holidays, but I so appreciated your kindness! Thanks for your friendship, Kristin xo

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

You are not a bad blogger. Don't say that. Life happens. To each and everyone of us. I agree with Susan. Mom is the most important job. Before you know it your baby or babies will be grown and you will have missed it. So please, blogging will have it's place, but being mom is priceless. Enjoy each and every moment. You deserve this fabulous award!

Shirley said...

No, you aren't a bad blogger at are one AWESOME person, that's what you are...and you SO deserve these awards. Congratulations,'re one of the brightest out there.


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