Thursday, March 25, 2010

Final painting of Native American Lady

As promised here she is all finished, I think I'm quite happy with her. I decided to paint some flowers in the back ground and I added alot more detail on her necklace etc. I think I might put her in my shop if I can bear to part with her.

I shall be varnishing her with a spray satin varnish tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

She is so cute, love her eyes!
Beautiful painting!



Susan said...

She finished just lovely Nicola, nice job!

Kristin said...

She is beautiful! I loved watching her progression and then seeing the completed piece - great sides too, Kristin xo

Julia Christie said...

What fun to follow her progress. She turned out so well. Love the mixed media and the textured feel to her.

Looking forward to your Sunday Sketch this week.

Penny said...

Well done Nic! She's beautiful and I love the background. I especially like what you've done with the sides too - it will look great on a wall. xxx


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