Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Well I'm nursing a slight hangover today but had a lovely New Years eve with a handful of close family and friends. It's been sweltering the last couple of days and we were sitting out on the deck last night in our summer dresses sipping on beer and champayne and doing lots of chatting and laughing!!! It was a lovely night.

2010 was quite a massive year for me. We had our big trip, completed the huge renovations to our house. We also had a very emotional year. Frightening at times. (a loved one was diagnosed with Cancer) but he has now been given the all clear. I guess this year has made me reflect on what is important in life and to be thankful for what and who I have in it. I look forward to 2011 and hope that this year is much more uneventful but full of love and laughter.

I've made a few resolutions, and probably like everyone else, a healthier lifestyle, more exercise etc etc I have alot of Christmas indulgences to work off ;0). Starting tomorrow though, comfort food is definately needed after a late night last night!!!!
I want to really push myself artiscally this year and feel that I have the confidence to take my art to the next level. So I hope to be able to knuckle down and concentrate on that too!
I hope you all had a lovely New Years and I wish you all a fabulous 2011.

These latest fimo pieces are some more experiments, I've got a certain idea in my head of how I'd like to incorporate my art with fimo I just need to do a lot of experimenting!!!

 These are the fimo pendants after they came out of the oven!
 I used permanent black marker to draw some simple designs on, then I sealed them with a waterproofing agent to protect the image!
 I love the warm colours in this one it really made me think of a surreal landscape!
 The great thing about these sorts of pendants is that no two will ever be exactly the same so you'd be wearing an original one of a kind piece of art!
 These last two pendants are the same one, I'm wasn't sure which side I liked the best so I drew on both sides. I think the red might be my favourite! :0)
I really love this last one, it's so unique!! I couldn't get these patterns exactly like this again no matter how hard I would try!


Cheryl said...

Happy New Year! Your pendants are beautiful :-)

Kelly Berkey said...

Nicola, they are beautiful, very unique and one of a kind! Enjoy the warm weather for me, we are having quite a chill!
Happy New Year and I can't wait to see what you accomplish!

Jessie said...

Wow Nicola, you've been very busy! These pendants are a great idea and I agree, that last one is fantastic! Wishing you a happy and creative 2011. xx

EVA said...

Very very pretty!!

Best wishes for a great 2011! Looking forward to seeing the "new level"!!

WrightStuff said...

Oh yes, I agree totallya bout the last one. It must have been one of those magic moments!! I'm intrigued to see how you incorporate these into your art. How very interesting. Can't wait!

Tammie said...

so glad you had a lovely time with friends on New years eve! Hope you are feeling back to yourself today.
Your new art is wonderful! Life is a treasure, I am so glad to hear that your friend is fine now.

Wishing you a wonderful 2011 ~

SaraLynn said...

These pendants are so gorgeous! I love the organic shapes and the marbled effect. The designs look beautiful painted on top of these.


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