Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More fun with Fimo and a surprise delivery!!!

Hi everyone I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying a fun Christmas break!!!!

Now that our visitors have left and things have calmed down a bit I managed to incorporate some creative time whilst looking after the kids!! :0) The boys got some fimo kits for Christmas from my parents and they have been itching to give it a go as they've seen me experiment with it lately!

Here is what we made today!
A snake made by Rhys aged 7 :0)

A little green head made by Riley aged 4

A funny little character for the top of my pencil made by me ;0)

These are 3 pendants I made which I'm planing on painting a simple image on. Haven't decided what yet but will post it up when they are done!

Then this afternoon whilst making tea there was a knock on my door and a Fed Ex guy handed me a package. How exciting!!!! A few weeks ago a lovely person from Staedtler in Germany (the people behind Fimo and all sorts of stationary and art equipment) left a comment on my post where I had made my first ever fimo pendants. They asked me to check out their facebook page and if I would like to share a pic of my fimo projects with them on there. There are so many talented people on there and some amazing fimo pieces!!! To my delight after I checked out their fimo page they contacted me and said that they had a 'little' New Years surprise for me and thanks for my contribution. This is what they sent me!!!
Wow!!!! What a lovely extra Christmas present!!! I'm so excited and feeling very inspired so thank you very much!!! Check out their facebook page here
Lastly here are a few more experiments, it's such a new medium for me but I'm really really enjoying it and it's fun to do with the kids :0)
 For the Eiffel Tower I used a metal pendant and pressed it into the Fimo then painted it and varnished with a gloss varnish. The other is also painted on and varnished.
 This leaf pendant is made from blue fimo painted with green acrylic and then sealed with a waterproofing agent that I bought the other day.
Lastly this heart pendant was made with a tan coloured fimo (I didn't have red at the time) so I painted it in acrylic then varnished with the fimo gloss varnish!!!

Hope you all have a great New Years take care :0)


Julia Christie said...

You are just so darn talented! I love how you stretch yourself all the time! These are all great and looking forward to seeing what elso you create.


Diana Evans said...

oh what fun Nicola!!! I love all of your fun creations!!!! I look forward to a whole new year of your blog!!!

Happy New Year!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow - that is so super cool! Loving the leaf and the heart! Happy New Year!


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