Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New experiments- painted fimo pendants!

Hi everyone, we finally got our computer back this afternoon yippeeeee! So no longer having to use the painfully slow lap top! I'm hoping to go visiting all my blog friends again, after my eldests Christmas concert which we have tonight! (very excited about that!)

This afternoon I decided to experiment with some fimo that I have had for a while, now that our oven is finally fixed I was able to bake this afternoon, so I made some pendant shapes and painted them with acrylic paint. I thought it would be nice to make original wearable one of a kind pendants. These are the first few that I tried, and I only have black and white fimo but I think they turned out pretty cool. I've got lots of ideas about what I want to try next.


Diane said...

Love these!!!

Cathy Bueti said...

These are beautiful Nicola!! Love them! :)

Sheila Nielsen said...

Very sweet and unique. Did you glaze them with something, after you painted them, or does the acrylic stay on well?
Regards from Sheila :o)


We have just discovered your gorgeous pendant made of STAEDTLER FIMO!
We'd love to meet you on our facebook fanpage - it would be great if you became a fan, too, and showed your artworks to all other FIMO fans on our page to inspire them.

BTW: We will raffle cute products for our fans' FIMO Christmas crafts :) Just post a pic of your lovely artwork - and I'm sure you may look forward to receiving a nice New Year's gift.

Hope to meet you soon and best regards from STAEDTLER headquarters in Germany, Yvonne

Sheila Nielsen said...

Hi Nicola, thanks for your comment to my "witch"! :o)

I hope that your new medium is better. I also make Fimo jewelry occasionally and had that same problem with the piece getting sticky, after glazing it. Some products can even dissolve the clay, in worst case.. So I think it's good that you have found something especially for Fimo.
Have a nice day :o)

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

Hi Nicola, I love your work. These pendants are such a great idea and look wonderful! And wow! You've have the Staedtler people come here and personally comment on your project! That is really cool! Maybe you'll be doing TV before long... haha

Thanks so much for joining my blog :) I can't wait to read more of yours and learn about you.


Heather said...

They turned out very cool!!!!

Penny said...

What a great new direction to take. This has so much potential and your individual, one of a kind designs are made for it. XXX

Fair Rosamund said...

These are really beautiful and unique, I love how you painted them! :) ~Lauren

Amalia K said...

Hiya Nic! Loving all your new pendants... That last one is my fave! (^_^) oxx

Kristin said...

What beautiful new pendants and I LOVE that comment from the company!!! How cool - you never know where that may take you!
THANK YOU for all your sweet comments Nicola! You and Diana Evans were my first ever blog friends and I so appreciate your support here - It has been a great year and I just MAY open an Etsy shop soon . . . thanks for the encouragement!
I love where you are going with your art - it has really come into subject matters and forms that are uniquely YOU - a challenge that most people face has been met so beautifully in your art. Congratulations on this and all of our new ventures!
MUCH love to you and your family this holiday season and always, xoxoxoxo


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