Thursday, November 12, 2009

Some new pendants

Been having major issues uploading so I've been trying to do this since Thursday. Finally it worked!
These are the pendants I made for the lady who requested the portrait of her daughter. I gave them to her on Thursday she really liked them. I've been very busy making lots of pendants broaches hair clips and even a ring out of some of my work for Christmas presents so I shall post pics of those shortly.


Val Zdero said...

The pendants look lovely - I told you to beware, its very addictive - jeez I haven't painted for about 4 months now because I am too busy making jewellery - its all good tho - cant wait until I see your other creations :D

Diana Evans said...

oh how wonderful these are!!! lovely work Nicola!!!

Penny said...

What a unique gift these will make! Love the large one - it's eye catching and she's going to get lots of comments on it! xxx

pinkglitterfae said...

they look great! she will be so thrilled with them.


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