Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New canvas and Illustration Friday 'Skinny'

Well here is my Nicole Kidman inspired painting. I REALLY enjoyed doing this one. I used modelling paste on my background to give it some texture. I've never used that before and so really had fun with it. I had no idea how it would turn out but I'm really happy with the results and will definitely use it more often, I also used my iridescant paints on the peacock feather to give it some sparkle and some gold acrylic in the back ground.
I know it might be a stretch but I thought this would fit in with the Illustration Friday theme 'skinny'. Nicole may have been the inspiration behind the original sketch for this but I have drawn her as one of 'my ladies'. My lady definitely has curves where Nicole doesn't and this lady kind of reminds me of one of those that you might have seen back in the 1920's full of curves and not in the least bit skinny.


Jessie said...

She's lovely Nicola! I love the textures and the fact she's a real shape and not a 'skeleton!' ;)x

Anonymous said...

So very sweet and so very cute! She's adorable!
Love to see more! More, more and more!
Ooh, isn't it exciting when you paint something so special. Love the texture and the peacock's feather.

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

She turned out fantastic Nicola! Isn't texture paste fun?
Thanks for your sweet comment today and everytime you visit! ♥

pinkglitterfae said...

when I first saw this I though of flapper girls. I can see the texture and irridescent paint. Great job!
thanks for stopping by my blog, I knew there had to be others just like me.
As you keep going you will find that the negative voice is easier to ignore, just tell it to shut up, and continue your artwork, lol!

Julie said...

This little sweetheart is beautiful! I love her perfect little nose and mouth and that beautiful peacock feather! : )

Annette Q said...

Shes sooo lovely Nicola... I LOVE the way she turned out! That red background is fantastic, what great texture. You've captured Nicole Kidmans complexion perfectly with the gorgeous red, curly hair and blue eyes.
Ps. thank you so much for letting me know about your etsy supplier too...its very helpful since I always feel a little bit lost when trying to venture into different things with my art :-))

Michelle Eaton said...

She looks great Nicola :)

PBsArtStudio said...

Hi Nicola, Thank you for visiting my blog, I love to meet new friends! Your girl is very lovely! She has such sweetness in her face!I shall follow you too!:D

Autumn said...

Hello, Nicola! She is darling--you have the ability to capture a sweetness in your pieces... Isn't it fun to experiment with new textures? Definitely keep it up! You asked me what I use: I have been playing around with antique stain and graphite in my pieces. They give such fun effects when mixed with the paint. And thank you for your lovely and thoughtful comment on my blog. I truly appreciate your visits!!!

Clare Incher said...

Now my little lady this is actually the best painting of yours I have seen. I really like the texture, always been partial to collage myself see! You are still changing and modyfying your style. I'll get onto the story for you I think it might bring some other gem outta your minds eye. I love you so much cuz and I am so proud of you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Miss KB said...

Love it! And especially love the peacock feather. The texture is great, I am sure it looks even better in person!
We must both like Nicole Kidman... :) Hehe


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