Saturday, November 21, 2009

Illustration Friday - Music

Well this week I wanted to do something that wasn't a pretty young girl type picture, just for something different. So this little character came to mind. I don't know why he is so bottom heavy but I'm sure it doesn't put anyone off his conducting! :0)


Sophia said...

OMG, Nicola! I totally LOVE this piece of work. You keep blowing me out of the water with each work you produce. Wow!

Val Zdero said...

He is cute, even tho he is bottom heavy LOL - lovely drawing :D

Jessie said...

I LOVE that his bum sticks out! This is so original Nicola! :)

Cheryl Lynn said...

Great illo for the theme. Bottom heavy or not, he seems very confident in his ability as a conductor. LOL!

Have a great weekend.

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Nicola! Great entry for Illustration Friday! Love how he is bottom heavy too! I can just hear the music.

Thanks so much for your sweet visit! I really appreciate your comment on my Edward painting. After I finish him up as well as Bella, I hope to do a Jacob painting too. Have a wonderful weekend sweetie!

Lisa :)

Quilt Works said...

Oh, this made me smile. Perfect - happy music running through my head!

Penny said...

Wow! This illustration is so different from your usual style. I wonder where he came from? You really ARE amazing! xxx
PS: He has a cute behind!

adrienne trafford said...

too cute - love his big butt!


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