Saturday, March 12, 2011

When you least expect it! :0)

Hi guys,

This last week has been a bit of a nightmare one. After the exhausting weekend with the market we got home to a very sick little man. Since then a horrible stomach bug swept through our family resulting in a trip to the hospital with my oldest little man as he was suffering awful stomach pains. Thankfully after catching it myself as well we're all back on the mend now and both boys are back to their usual noisy mischevious ways! :0) Phew!

So yesterday I finally started work on my newest oil painting.

I started by painting the back ground with acylic paints and just played around with lots of different colours. I didn't like the colour of the background but got some great texture when it dried. Then I painted this butterfly.

Then I decided that a blue back ground would work much better with the colour of the butterfly.

This is where I left it yesterday I needed to let it dry a bit so that I could work on the background a bit more.

I decided to post it up on my facebook fan page as a work in progress and someone has already snapped it up. I also told them that I was planning on doing a set of three butterflies in different colours and she wants them all and has requested the other two colours, it is very exciting for me and I'm looking forward to starting the other two today!! This lady is a collector of my work and has one of my most favourite paintings that I did a couple of years ago, my Geisha!

 It's so nice to know that someone really loves what you do :0)


Kelly Berkey said...

nicola, so glad you are all better now. i saw on fb that she wanted your painting, that must be the best feeling!!
and the geisha...omgosh, it's lovely!

have a good weekend, my friend!

Cathy Bueti said...

Nicola your butterfly is lovely! Wow! so much detail! The colors are great! That is so cool that someone already snatched it up! It does feel great to know that someone loves your work! And you do such great things!

Glad to hear you are all feeling better!

Magic Love Crow said...

Yeh Nicola!! So happy for you! It is special, when you know your art is loved and in another person's home!! I'm happy the family is feeling better!!! By the way, loved the painting!!!

Kristin said...

That is so cool! A Fan that bought them all!? Wonderful! I love this piece and loved catching up with you too - thank you!
Your market booth looks beautiful and you have been so busy - all those jewelry pieces! LOVE :)
Also, I went to respond from my sidebar and realized that you weren't there! I'm so sorry - I lost my blog list when I updated my blog and it must have been lost in transition. Glad it is back were it should be!
Happy Weekend, xo

Tiffany said...


NatashaMay said...

Glad you're all feeling vetter. :) Congrats on the sale and it's not even finished yet. :) It looks awesome.


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