Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday sketch and my first butterfly finished!

Hi guys! Hope you all had a great weekend.

We are all back to our healthy old selves now after a very sick last week. I'm even feeling up to a run this afternoon so it'll be good  to blow off those cobwebs.

First up is my Sunday sketch. I just doodled this in front of the tele, I don't particularly like it but it was good to just sketch something quite random heheheh I need to do more of this as it's a good way to think of ideas for future projects.

I'm also taking part in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Sketch Books which is something special that is being organised by Jamie from Artsy Fartsy Me check out her lovely fun blog to read more about it. Basically a group of us 'creative sistahs' have joined together and we will each be buying a sketch/art book we'll each do a page and pass it on to the next one each month. The idea is that at the end of 12 months we should get our book back packed full of wonderful creative pieces from each artist! I'm very excited about this project as I've never taken part in anything like this before and I've already met some lovely new blog friends through it. I shall post my piece each month to show you guys! :0)

Phew! Lastly here is my finished butterfly in oils. I'm really happy with it, and will be starting the 2nd piece in the set of 3!!! I LOVE oils and can't believe I was nervous about using them for so long! :0) I have a question for all you oil users out there. Do you varnish a painting when it's dry? I have gloss varnish for my acrylic paintings but wasn't sure if there was something I should use for oils?
Bye for now :0)


Magic Love Crow said...

Nicola, I love your sketch! I know you said you don't like it, but I think it's adorable! The traveling sketch book, sounds fantastic! What a wonderful way, of seeing and collecting, art, from around the world! The butterfly painting is amazing!! Take Care!

Kelly Berkey said...

wonderful! don't use your acrylic varnish on your oils. oils can be varnished, but you have to wait 9-12 months for the oil to properly dry.

varnishing isn't mandatory, but for expensive pieces, it's good insurance. usually just tell the buyer they can bring them back to you to do, have them done professionally elsewhere, or not bother with varnish.

i'm excited to see what a wonderful job you did!! xo

Heather said...

i LOVE the monarch in oil! Beautiful....I love painting butterflies, too. wow, you really did a nice job, and i like the blue background.
The sketch book idea sounds fun - how neat to be able to really hold a sketch from a blog world friend in your own personal sketch book!
i like the top sketch, too... she has pretty eyes, and i like the larger head on a skinny neck, i really like that style! have a great day! xo

Sophia said...

Hi Nicola,
So glad to hear that you are and your family are feeling better once again.

I really enjoy your sketches and watching how you develop in each area. Your eyes are always intriguing to me and wish I could master such a thing. Great job! Hugs

Anonymous said...

Oooh I really LOVE that monarch butterfly! I have seen so many of them this summer too and your painting makes me remember the swan plants filled with caterpillars we had last year. Beautiful!!

EVA said...

Lovely sketch Nicola, and wonderful butterfly painting!!

Intriguing sketchbook idea!!! I may have to look into that!

Thanks @Kelly Berkey for the informative advice about varnish!

Julia Christie said...

Cute sketch Nicola, must be the season to just sketch for fun...there a lot of us doing it! Love the sketch group you joined, what a super idea!

And your butterfly turned out divine!!! Can't wait to see all three finished!

Smiles and hugs!

Kathy said...

Hi... wow.. love those butterflies.. and the sketch is great.. I know I'm excited about the sketch book too...

Saskia said...

Gorgeous painting!!

joanne May said...

Hi Nicola,
It's really good to visit you here at last and thank you for stopping by at my place from lovely Jessie's blog!
I like your sketch and butterfly painting very much... Oils are great fun to use with a wonderful texture. Your butterfly is vibrant and looks like it is about to fly off the canvas! ;-)
Have a great creative week.
Best wishes,
P.S. I am now following you too! :-)

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

beautifully done!!!!!!!!!

pinkglitterfae said...

glad to hear you are feeling better. Can't help you on the oil question, I too am intimidated about using them, but everyone says how delightful they are to use.
love the butterfly!
Great idea of a travelling sketchbook, you should all end up with a memorable sketchbook at the end of the year

Missy said...

Cool drawing. That sketchbook things sound neat. Your painting looks awesome!

Jack Foster said...

Hey Nicola! Glad you are all feeling better :o) Your butterfly oil came out fantastic! Great work! Just thought I’d stop by before heading off on vacation to say hi. :Hi!”... and thanks for stopping by :o)

Marlene said...

Hi, really like your sketch, the highlights in the eyes are perfect.

Shayla said...

1. I really am digging your sketch.

2. WOW! That painting is! The colors are soooo perfect and your shading on the plant really stands out beneath the butterfly. Sooo gorgeous!!!

Penny said...

Interesting sketch Nic - I like the flowing lines. Your finished butterfly is gorgeous and vibrant - well done! xxx

poppylocke said...

I love your sketch, and the butterfly looks amazing! Beautiful colours and composition!

Diana Evans said...

oh this sketch is beautiful Nicola!!!! and your butterfly painting is gorgeous!!!! wow!!! I can't wait till these flutter around here!!!!

Catherine... said...

I love your sketch, I think she's great.... I'm sick this week so am off to bed now.. night night..

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Oh my goodness how fabulous! I love it! Thanks so much for stopping by.


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