Saturday, October 16, 2010

My market experience!

Well I made it through my first market! And boy was it a struggle, it's supposed to be the middle of spring right now and in past years it's been about 30c and beautiful!!! This week in Australia, we are experiencing what is being called 'A weather event!' I think this October weekend has been the coldest one I've ever seen since I moved here 17 years ago!!! We woke up this morning to sleet! There was snow on the ranges not far from us and the wind was wild! I really didn't think we were going to be able to go but the rain stopped so we thought we'd give it a go. The market was at a Community centre which also has a pre- preschool so lucky for us it had things to keep the kids occupied and a bouncy castle set up so the kids kept themselves nice and warm. Myself and this other lady who was selling comestic party type stuff were the only ones outside as the inside was packed, normally this wouldn't have been a problem as everyone would have been outside enjoying the sun had it not been arctic like weather. So unfortunetly the amount of people coming along to this event was only a fraction of what it normally would have been. Despite all that though I managed to sell a few pendants and was asked for lots of my business cards as well as a new commission too! So all was not lost and all in all I found it a very postive experience as I got lots of feed back. It was great setting up my stall and seeing it all come together and even if it wasn't as big as what I'd hoped I feel like i got a lot out of it and enjoyed it. It's given me a little bit more of a confidence boost to perhaps try a bigger market in the future when the weather warms up a bit first though.

These two little new pendants were made recently and I have just listed them to my shop. The dragonfly pendant that I showed you a few posts ago was a big hit, a lady bought it and another has asked me to make another one! I shall be doing lots more of these little charms with my pendants as they seem to be quite popular and are fun to make!


Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Hello Nicola!
Glad to hear you made some sales and contacts! That's awesome!
Thanks so much for stopping by and your supportive comment. I love having met so many wonderful blog friends around the world, YOU included!♥ You're so sweet!

Kelly Berkey said...

adorable pendants! we had record heat this past week, what is going on?? glad you had some sales, getting your cards out there is great before the holidays, i hope you have a banner christmas!


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