Monday, October 11, 2010

Dealing with 'rejection'

I guess the more I put myself out there the more chance I have of being turned down in one way or another, and I guess this latest experience I just had isn't exactly negative feed back but it has still made me feel a bit down and has me questioning whether I should worry about making my art more than just a hobby? A couple of weeks ago I applied for a spot in this local shop in town which just opened this year. It is for hand made products by local artists and designers and sells all sorts of things. So I sent in my on line application and hoped for the best. I got a brief email response this afternoon which basically said that my jewellery is similar to some one who is currently in their shop already. I did go in the other day and there is someone doing jewellery with Japanese paper.

I do understand that for it to be fair for the person already renting a space that they don't want too many people with similar products but the response also basically wished me luck in the future and nothing else, there was no 'try applying again in the future' or 'perhaps when this current artist has finished their contract perhaps I could re-apply', I also said that I paint and showed them my blog with all my art on but there was no mention of possibly putting my paintings in the shop. So I guess from all of that I can only think that they just don't think my work is good enough :0(......... I kinda feel a bit brushed off I suppose.
I know that if I want to push myself that I need to get a thicker skin and really this is only one negative experience so far and I do have a lot of support from my friends and family and all you online friends that I have made through blogging but I can't help questioning where I'm going with this aristic path I'm on, and whether I'm really good enough?

I think I'm just in a bit of a funk as it took alot of guts for me to apply for that shop in the first place and when it comes down to it I really do enjoy being creative, perhaps I should just stop putting pressure on myself?


NatashaMay said...

Hi Nic! Sorry to hear about your experience. I know how you feel and it's ok to feel bummed for a while. But you need to keep going and doing what you love. It will all come together, you'll see. :)

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

So sorry Nicola, but it just wasn't the right fit for you and the right thing will come along! I had a job interview a month ago and I was all worried that it was a business that was a little too classy for me (huge fancy architect firm) but I was thankful to at least get called in on an interview. Well, I never heard a word back. I think my salary requirements were too high but still......I took time to come and visit with them and I feel a nice 'no thank you' would have been in order, but they weren't classy ENOUGH to follow up with me :) THen I KNEW we weren't a good fit anyway. It got me down on myself for a bit too but I just moved on.
Sometimes the rejection comes to us in order for us to keep searching for the right place for ourselves, our art, etc. Best of luck to us both ♥ We'll get there :)

Heather said...

you should be very proud of yourself for applying. That's a huge accomplishment. that's ok that it didn't work's one shop out of hundreds. Don't let it get you down...the right spot for your work will come...
I adore your work, so feminine...xxoo

Kristin Dudish said...

I'm sorry Nicola - I know how it feels.
One shop's loss will mean another shop's gain.

I really do believe that the Alexander Graham Bell quote: "When one door closes, another opens." is true...

I once interviewed for a design position that I thought would be great and when I didn't get it I was devastated. In hindsight, not getting that job was the best thing that could have happened. I ended up opening a mural/decorative painting company with an artist friend that kept me very busy & fulfilled for seven years (as well as leading to some amazing opportunities that I wouldn't have otherwise experienced).

Please don't let this get you down... You will find the right fit.


p.s. Your creations are beautiful and I love the addition of the dragonfly charm to your pendants!

Julie said...

Your art is awesome, unique and totally representative of your creative spirit...each piece you create truly does possess the passion you pour into your art. And, we all see that! : ) This will only make you stronger and more determined. If I had a quarter for every negative/indifferent comment I have heard over the years...I'd finally be able to buy the bottle of Chanel I have been pining over! Just person's opinion isn't deserving of your doubt! xxx

Cathy Bueti said...

Julie I think we can all relate to this post. Thanks for so honestly sharing your feelings. Sorry to hear about your disappointment. Your art is wonderful and so unique. It is just not the right fit for your work.

Before I started on my art journey I became an author. And I had no idea how hard it would be to put my story out into the world and having to deal with the negative reviews, comment on my book. I think whenever we put ourselves out there through our creative work it is always tough because it opens us up to the negative in addition to the positive. Try to focus on the positives and on your love of making art.

What I am learning now is to enjoy the process because that is what is most important!

Sending you hugs!

PS...I love this sketch! :)

Anonymous said...

This was not the right thing for you - there are obviously WAY BETTER opportunities waiting for you!! Your work is beautiful!!

EVA said...

I love how you turned rejection into a totally charming sketch!! It's wonderful!

Don't let it get you down Nicola. Please keep trying. You are incredibly talented! See if there are any lessons to be learned. One might be to check out what a store carries to see if they currently have anything similar to your work. Another would be to chat with the owners/manager about what they are looking for before "applying".

As many a wise person has said Persistence, persistence, persistence! I know you'll find the right opportunities!

Kelly Berkey said...

hi nic, rejection isn't fun but it does make us stronger if we don't give up. read some of the bios of your favorite artist who are also famous. they dealt with years of rejection. they just kept creating..that is the difference from those who fail and those who succeed. if you are doing it to profit from it, then you won't succeed. so it because you love it and you have to do it and keep putting yourself out there. your right fit will come along and you will be busier than ever! big cyber hugs to you my dear!

pinkglitterfae said...

don't second guess yourself, and certainly don't let one person influence what direction you take! I've heard you need a thick skin to approach galleries. I know of one successful artist who has been rejected so many times, and I love her work! If I saw it in a gallery I would by it, and the funny thing is, she sells regularly at other venues.
This too shall pass my dear, keep doing what you are doing, and say 'next'.

Tiffany said...

I agree with everyone here~ you cannot give up. this is one small experience in the grand scheme of things. Your work is amazing and I am so grateful that you are sharing it with all of us. The right places etc will present themselves at the right time. Don't let it get you down, you are so very talented!!
I hope you have an amazing day! :)

Fair Rosamund said...

I'm sorry this happened to you Nicola! Your artwork is beautiful and expressive--you need to keep it up! :) I am sure that there are many amazing opportunities that will be coming your way. ~Lauren

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Nicola! You are good enough. Don't give up. This might have not been the right venue for now but a positive outlook shall get you to where you were meant to be. Keep on creating and shining your gift! :)

Anonymous said...

Nicola, don't give up! The reality is, you do have to have a thick skin, that's why I don't even post everything I do. Sometimes, decisions are purely business. Remember, art is subjective and we aren't always going to appeal to everyone. I bet sometimes, they don't even have a good reason, it just is what it is. I'll bet it's a matter of timing and maybe even the economy. Keep trying and you'll find the right market! Your work is wonderful, whimsical and so cheerful. Helping people to feel happy is a wonderful talent to have with your art!!

Amalia K said...

Hi Nic. The way I see it, the further you wander into the forest, the more obstacles you'll likely to encounter. I totally understand how you feel, especially your art is something that comes from way within, so any blow to your work is a blow to your heart.

But why the sadness? Think of all that you've accomplished so far! So one door closes, all you need to do is look for the next opened one. My fingers are crossed for you!

Hugs, oxx

Vecchio Diavolo said...

Hi Nicola, I have passed to say hi and I just bumped into this post and I immediately felt so WITH YOU!
I have experienced almost the same situation with my drawings lately and I also have been woken up by the comments I have received and felt really shocked for a while, so shocked I couldn't hold my pencil...
maybe you are right and if we like creating we shouldn't try to push it higher, but it's always worthy to try and we will get stronger towards comments as well.
I like your art and I think that as soon as you put yourself in what you make you have to be happy with yourself and accept mild or negative comments and reactions the same way you accept compliments.
It's very hard but it helps a lot realizing how much you care about what you do.

I send you a big hug full of support!
Take care!

PS: I apologize if my comment is messy and if I just pop out with my not requested rection...but I really felt i wanted to tell you something about it ^-^

Misty Boston said...

I have felt like this countless times... I've spent years avoiding art because I felt like my stuff wasn't good enough. I've received criticism and rejection more times than I care to remember. I've finally reached the point in my life where I realize that when I am creating, that is when I'm truly happiest. So here I am. Your art is amazing, so glad to have found you. :)


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