Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Welsh Lady

This week I have been working on a painting of a lady in traditional Welsh costume. A few weeks ago the hubby and I finally booked a holiday with the boys back to the UK for next year! I've been wanting to take my boys to Wales and show them where I come from, where my roots are as my childhood was spent in Wales up until the age of 15. This year was my 16th year in Australia so now I've been in Oz longer than I lived in Wales. I feel mixed emotions about this as I think I struggle with my cultural identity a bit these days. At my core I feel Welsh and always will be but I'm also Australian now as this has been my home for so long and my children are Australian (well half Welsh too I suppose but they sound like Steve Irwin heheh). I think I will always feel this way as my heart will always be torn between Wales and Australia. The Welsh have such pride for their culture and their country. I've been wanting to paint a Welsh lady for a while now and even though I was going to do it in celebration of St Davids day (March 1st) I couldn't wait any longer so here she is.
I also received a blog award from a lovely blog friend recently so I will talk about that in my next post. I think I have a nappy waiting for me ( I'm so over toilet training)......


Penny said...

Aw Nic......she looks SO WELSH - and it's not just her clothing - she has a Welsh face! Love the rolling green hills behind her and the little stone wall with flowers. xxx

Val Zdero said...
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Val Zdero said...

Lovely Nicola - love her sweet cheeks and gentle expression :D (sorry about he deleted message - I didn't check my typos and it was shocking LOL)

Anonymous said...

Your welsh Lady is so cute, love her cheeks and big smile. My step nana Megan(John's Step dad, mum) was welsh, she is in heaven now. Although I think she is in my mums house as the little orniment which belonged to Megan keeps moving. She was a lovely lady who I loved visiting and baking cakes with.
I am half step welsh,lol!
Hoping you have the best of time with your family there. Wow Australia, must be wonderful to have two different life styles. Gives you a special edge with your art.
All the best Nicola, your a true star!



Jessie said...

How exciting to be visiting after such a long time! Do you have lots of relatives still there? Your welsh lady is cute and I'm sure she won't mind waiting until March! ;)

Diana Evans said...

oh what a great Welsh Lady!!! lovely work Nicola!!! you are on a roll!!!


NatashaMay said...

Lovely! Look at those cheeks. :)

Annette Q said...

Oh wow! Youve really captured the essence of the Welsh countryside. What a gorgeous painting, I love how she's holding her hands together, and the stone wall, oh i love!
When I was living in the UK, I went to Wales (Swansea) on a number of occasions to visit a friend who was studying there, and I always had such a great time. I always remember feeling right at home because I had been told that my Gibraltarian accent is very similar to the Welsh!
You'll have a lovely time on your holiday reminiscing, I'm sure! :-)

Anonymous said...

Very nice. I really like this piece with the costume!


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