Friday, December 4, 2009

My first lot of Christmas presents and a blog award!!!

This year I've been able to make some gifts for some of my family,and I've had soooo much fun doing it. It's been a wonderful exercise in practising methods of making my pendants and seeing what works and what doesn't. I've also designed my first attempt at a logo and I've packaged them up so they look more professional. I'm really happy with how they turned out and can't wait to give them to people. I think though that I might work on another design, perhaps with different media, I'm keen to try a dragonfly design too. I really like the banner, which was inspired by tattoo art (my hubby is an art collector of sorts and is working on his second sleeve at the moment). He's got all sorts of tattoos, a Welsh Dragon with the Southern Cross around it in honor of his Welsh Australian connection. (The Southern Cross is a group of stars). He's got traditional tattoos, tattoo's that represent his passions which are me heheh, the kids and motorbike riding. The current piece he is working on is a whole arm dedicated to Japanese tattoo art. I've gone a bit off track now but that's where I got my inspiration for my banner. I know that tattoos aren't everyone's cup of tea but I appreciate the skill that is needed to become a good tattoo artist. I like the banner I've included but I think I need to make it bigger so that you can read the writing easier when it's in the packet.
Also this week the lovely Julie from the wonderful blog The Art & Life of the Ruby Nest passed on this award to me. If you haven't been over to her blog before please check it out, she is an amazing artist who paints beautifully and also makes these gorgeous dolls: The Ruby Nest Dolls Personalized Keepsake Dolls. This is one talented lady!
So with this award I am to pass it on to 7 other artists so I thought I would mention some of my newer blog friends who I've come to love visiting every day! Your art and your words inspire me!!! :0)
2. Kristin of Twinkle, Twinkle
I'm also supposed to mention 7 random things about me that you guys wouldn't know ..... so here goes....
1. I LOVE horror movies! Zombie comedies are the best and I love 'Shaun of the Dead'.
2. I have an addiction to dark chocolate, especially with nuts.
3. We have decorated our christmas tree, and put up outside lights for the first time this year!
4. I'm afraid of flying.
5. I hate slugs with a passion!!! Yes slugs!!!!
6. I'm late for something right now because I'm obsessed with my blog.
7. I went to art school for 1 year but dropped out because the passion wasn't there for me. (oh how I wish I could go back.)
That's it from me for now, I think this must be my longest post ever!!!


Penny said...

This all looks wonderfully professional - because you are Nic! You are one clever lady. Well done. Beautiful work. xxx

Jessie said...

These look gorgeous Nicola, your family are in for a treat at christmas! I admire people who can do tattoo art because there's no room for mistakes is there?!! My husband (a biker) has lots of tattoos too. Personally I'm not a fan of them but I do appreciate the art!xx

pinkglitterfae said...

Awesome logo, and I think it's wonderful you are making gifts for family. They are so much more special than something store bought. I've seen some incredible tattoo art in magazines, and at one point considered being a tattoo artist (ok, thought about it one day, lol!)

AWWW, thanks for thinking of me, and giving me the Kreativ Blogger award! I'm always so appreciative whenever I receive one, it truly means alot!
So, you hate poor innocent slugs but love horror movies, lol! that's funny! I love the funny horror as well, and love a good scary film that thrills!

Kristin said...

THANK YOU for thinking of me! This is my first Kreativ Blogger award and I am so excited to receive it! You know, I am new to blogging and sharing my art in general, so this really means so much. Thank you for always being so kind! Kristin :) BTW, am I meant to pass it on?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Nicola, such a beautiful suprize!
Darl chocolate and nuts, yummy!
Your gift pendants are brilliant. Your family are going to be so impressed!

Have a great weekend!



Quilt Works said...

Congratulations on great idea!

Annette Q said...

Oh, those pendants look really beautiful! Your family are going to love them! And great logo too. My husband is a tattoo addict aswell! He's got one sleeve almost done as he's already starting on the other one, so I can also appreciate tattoo :-) There are some great designs out there!
Congratulations on your award and its lovely to read more about you too :-)


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