Monday, December 14, 2009

New Pendants and Crazy Christmas lights!!

I bought some handmade Japanese paper the other day and have started making some pendants with it. I really love how they come up and it's nice to have a line of pendants with a different theme. I've ordered some really small glass and materials to make earrings with so when they arrive I shall try making some earrings out of the paper too. I'm thinking that a matching pendant and earring set will look really god!
Also this week my hubby got inspired by the fantastic street next to ours, they all go crazy with their Christmas lights almost every house in the street is lit up. The community spirit is lovely there and we often walk around with the kids so they can have a look. It seems like everyone is out the front of their house chatting away with passers by with a glass of wine in hand. It's become tradition for us now to take the dog for a walk at night and join in their fun. One night our eldest begged his dad for some lights outside our house and so the hubby kindly spent a whole day and quite a bit of money making the house look Christmassy. It's not quite as full on as the next street but it's a good start. I think we've started our own tradition now which is nice and we seem to sit outside at night now (it's summer here) and watch the world go by!!!

The photo doesn't do it justice as the lights twinkle and look much brighter but you get the picture :0)


Anonymous said...

The pendants are beautiful - I love the dragonflies!

Kelly Berkey said...

Love your pendants...that paper is amazing! Would you mind sharing where you get it? It might look good on the backs of some of my soldered charms! I love dragonflies!! Thanks for visiting my blog too! You are so sweet and talented!! Love your paintings!

Serena said...

Beautiful pendants, Nicola! I like your idea of matching earrings too.

Well done on decorating your home for Christmas! Your neighbourhood sounds lovely!


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