Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Today some new supplies arrived which I was quite surprised about as its so close to Christmas and I think we're having a postal strike over here so I was very happy to receive this package today. I got some really small square glass and bit and pieces to make up earrings with. So I tried out a few ideas with the Japanese handmade paper I have used before. I think these would look great with a matching pendant. I'm also thinking of trying out some jewellery making as I think they would look nice with some pretty dangly bits as well, (hard to put into words but I'll try and make some soon).


Val Zdero said...

These are so cute, just lovely - I still have a whole stash of these glass tiles sitting around here somewhere, I may need to find them and diamond glaze a bit :D - have a great Christmas Nicola xox

Anonymous said...

These earings are beautiful! Are these your first try also? I am addicted to mosaics too and these so remind me of these.
Have a great Christmas Nicola!



Laura Beth said...

These earrings are very cute! And don't worry, I completely understood the term, dangling bits ^_^ Sounds pretty. Merry Christmas!

Michelle Eaton said...

These earrings are soo cute!

NatashaMay said...

You have great ideas Nicola. Lovely earings!

Shirley said...

Very pretty, Nicola! These are lovely! More to add to your shop. : )
Wishing you a wonderful holiday...and Monsieur has a box o' peanut brittle for ya! Thank you, dear friend for your friendship this year! What a gift it is to me. Hugs!

Diana Evans said...

oh wow!!! these are fantastic Nicola!!! and I am always amazed at how quickly stuff gets shipped and delivered!!!


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