Sunday, October 25, 2009

A new venture......

Well I have been super busy!! Actually so has my mum as she has helped me laminate book marks and then picked up lots of goodies from the craft store like beads, for me, thanks mam!! I will buy a laminator in the near future as I really enjoyed making these bookmarks.
I have also been working on turning my art in something wearable and you might recognise some of my paintings in the pendants. These were my very first attempt at making pendants and I am currently waiting for more glass to arrive, squares, circles as well as bobby pins that you can glue the glass onto and rings etc. I discovered etsy and the suppliers on there and after dealing with a couple of dodgy people (who's products I'm still waiting for nearly 2 months later) I found a great supplier who is very prompt and consistent. I guess it's all trial and error when you're starting on a new project which you know nothing about.
So a while back I showed you a painting which I said I was donating to my sons silent auction at his school fair. Well I'm also going to donate 4 bookmarks and 2 pendants for their craft stall which if they get sold would be the first things that I have made that someone has bought, so far I'm giving them away as gifts.
Its very exciting for me never know maybe one day I might be good enough to have my own etsy store????
I'm no photographer as you can tell from my pictures but i shall work on taking better ones in the future as these were a bit dark, it was hard though as you can't use the flash especially on the pendant as they just reflect off........


Sophia said...

Aww...I want the bookmark with the bee and flower, that has the turtle tassle. I LOVE LOVE LOVE turtles!

Julie said... have been busy! But, it paid lovely everything is! I would love to do pendants one day...yours are beautiful! I'm sure the school will greatly appreciate them. : )

Annette Q said...

oh wow, Nicola! Your new items are wonderful! Love, love, love those necklaces! I think your work is definitely good enough to open up an Etsy store!

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Nicola! Congrats on the new venture! Your creations are all fabulous! Your work is already perfect for an Etsy shop right now. You have a wonderful and generous selection for your son's silent auction too! Thanks so much for your sweet visit! Have a lovely week!

Lisa :)


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