Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Little Witch

Here is another experiment using the same patterned paper. I just drew straight on to the patterned paper with coloured pencil then out lined it in ink. It was nice to make a change from acrylic paint as I really do favour that most of the time I just love how vibrant the acrylic paints are but I would like to experiment with alot more materials.


Val Zdero said...

she is adorable, lovely artwork :D - email me on valzdero@live.com.au and I will give you the details of the diamond glaze I use for the pendants (its very similar to what you are already doing with the little glass tiles)

NatashaMay said...

This looks great! Patterned paper makes a lovely background.

Julie said...

I love this...absolutely precious! Thank you for entering my give away! : )

Penny said...

Just love to see you experimenting all the time Nic. Great paper too.

Shirley said...

Nicola..you are multi-talented...truly. I think this is super - crisp, really great palette..and such a different feel to your acrylics. You are one amazing person, cause you just keep trying new things. I admire that in you. Keep on going girl!! : )

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Awwwwwww, she's a cute little witch! Good job Nicola!

Kristin said...

Hi Nicola!! I hope you are well! I love your little witch and really love Isabella too. Your work is so wonderful. I agree with the storage problem: I am finding the same challanges - what do I do with all this stuff? But for you, have you considered submitting some of your work to Somerset Studio? Kristin :)

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

She is adorable Nicola! It's always fun to mix up your mediums every now and then. Love the patterned paper.

Thanks so much for your sweet comment about my submission! I really appreciate it. To answer your question: Somerset Studio The Art of Paper and Mixed Media is located in California. I believe they do ship their magazine internationally. Below is the link to subscribing, if you don't have it in your local bookstore in Australia.


It's a fabulous magazine and they have so many sister magazines that are just as fun. Hope you find it locally.

Lisa :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicola, so lovely to hear from you. I am so pleased you have used this method and loved it. I love it too.
Do love how you have such an ariel view in your last painting, I think my head would probably explode even just starting to work that one out.
Total admiration for you!

Michelle Eaton said...

So cute! I also love trying new mediums and experimenting.


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