Monday, April 6, 2009

Illustration Friday 'Talisman'

This week the theme for Illustration Friday is 'Talisman'. I decided to work on something that I had come up with before as I felt it fitted in with the theme. This is a character called 'Marmaduke Quigley' and his 'Talisman' or good luck charm is his magical monical! This is a character created by my cousin Clare

Clare and I are working on lots of ideas together and this is one of them. She gave me a brief of what she had in mind and I drew this little guy. I'm sure he's going to have many adventures.

I decided to try coloured pencils as I don't want to limit myself to just water colours even though I really like water colours and ink.


Clare Incher said...

Lovely darling! Oh yes...He looks like he will have many a marvelous adventure.... ; )

INDIGENE said...

This is so adorable and the colors are lovely!

Diana Evans said...

what a cute little bug!!!! wonderful work!!!


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