Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Riley's Fairy

My two year old little boy Riley can be a right little boy at times, playing rough, loving motorbikes and getting dirty playing in the garden. But then there are these moments that surprise me where he's very gentle and sweet and I realise that he's got a very vivid imagination. One of these moments came the other day when he started talking to some 'fairies' he's done it before and it's very cute. This time I asked him to tell me what his fairy looked like and this is how it came out, he was very please with my quick painting.
It was done in my diary in water colour which probably isn't the best for that type of paper but I enjoyed doing it. I think that soon I should try drawing some 'baddies' as I have alot of sweet characters going on. My five year old Rhys is very much into Vampires and things at the moment (not too scary of course) so perhaps I'll try one of them soon.....

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