Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mermaid, Illustration Friday

The theme for Illustration Friday this week was 'Intricate'. I finally got round to doing the mermaid picture in water colour and ink. I felt that I wanted her tail and her hair quite detailed. I think I prefer to paint in acrylic as it is much brighter and more vibrant. But I still like how this turned out.

I didn't get to do much art this week as we have been away camping which I'm still recovering from it's hard work camping with kids but we had fun. I now have lots to do and heaps of things to work on which I'm going to get stuck into as much as possible. (As long as Riley lets me)


Dusik said...

nice mermaid! yesterday i made a mermaid too (which is totally coincidental)

Annette Q said...

oooo, love her hair!!:-)

Jim Rowland Creations said...

This is very good. The hair is definately very intricate indeed. nice work.

Diana Evans said...

oh what fun!!! I love mermaids!!!

Clare Incher said...

My Dad told me to tell you this blog is very professional and he likes the mermaid very much!


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