Friday, May 27, 2011

Paint Party Friday!!! Finally I have something to post!

Hi guys, I don't know what's wrong with me at the moment but I've not been feeling very creative and I've been neglecting my blog. I think sometimes in life I very focused and concentrate well on my art and jewellery or whatever I may be working on, and still seem to be able to do what I need to do in my normal day to day life. Things like the house work (boring), paperwork for our business (soul sucking) and all that fun stuff. But the last few weeks I just felt like I was drowning in everything. Really off balance and out of whack. I can't explain why but we have had alot on. Birthday parties, trips to the coast, etc etc. Phew!!! So I have been finding it increasingly harder and harder to sit down and blog and blog surf and even draw.

So yesterday I thought enough was enough and I decided to stop stressing about what I'm not doing and to play around with my paints and rediscover why I started this big creative part of my life again and why I love it!!! Thank goodness I did!! I decided to get back into my painting again as that is my first love. To work on my technique and to kick start a new creative direction. So I decided to try my hand at oils again and I really wanted to paint a portrait and work on my folk art girl style.

One girl in particular that has stuck out to me is Rose Byrne she is an Aussie actress and I recently saw her in a very scary movie 'Insidious' that one really scared me but I enjoyed it!! :0) I've always thought her very beautiful she has that fragile beauty, and reminds me of my 'big eyed' girls. I drew this free hand and then painted it in oils.

I know she's not perfect but I'm quite pleased with her. I've got a good idea for my next personal project which I'll hopefully get a start on this weekend.
The other thing that I was able to finish this week was my double page spread for Eva's book for the project of 'The sistahood of the travelling sketch book' that I am involved in this year. (you can click on the button on the top right of my page if you wish to find out more).

My spread is all about May, and here it is cold windy and full of beautiful Autumn colours!
I will be trying my best to visit you all over the weekend and catch up with your beautiful blogs :0)


Cameron said...

Yay! Good for you, getting back on that Art Horse and going for a ride at full gallop! Feels good, doesn't it?!

I love the journal spread, free, so pretty :)

NatashaMay said...

She is wonderful! Totaly looks like her and still has that Nicola flavour in her. Amazing! I'm glad you decided to play with colors again. :)

Pointy Pix said...

i can totally relate to your post because i've been feeling the very same way recently. i seem to have run out of inspiration or art energy or something. this is a wonderful portrait and good on you for just getting on with it. i saw that film too-a great and different storyline!

La Abela said...

The portrait of the bride I was beautiful ... very well done and your personal style. Saludos

Sunshineshelle said...

Sketch book, wonderful, capturing such a carefree movement, & the Rose inspired painting is utterly gorgeous, what do you mean not perfect, sorry babe, but I think it is :) Happy PPF and for goodness sake don't fret about housework, the crap will still be there next week ;)

Rosie Kaplan said...

Lovely sketch book pages. Need to check out where you are from, not US obviously. We have had a very warm autumn in NZ so far.

wednesday said...

The Rose portrait is beautiful, and the sketchbook pages are so happy and carefree.

Sophia said...

She's quite lovely. I'm impressed. I know I could not do a portrait like that. :) And it seems like several of us are working with/on trees. Mine SO need help. :D

Tammie said...

oh, she is wonderful, a very tangible feeling in her expression! and the journal pages are lovely as can be. So fun to see what you have been up to.

EVA said...

Wheeeee!!! I love my pages!! Thank you!! So funny to see fall as I've been working on Spring!

Your portrait is lovely - what an incredible expression.

BahamaDawn said...

i have had some sort of creative block myself lately also! sometimes you just have to make yourself do SOMETHING creative! love your pieces!
happy paint party friday!

Theresa said...

I love your painting and journal pages are amazing! You can just feel the joy in the movement of it! Happy PPF! Theresa

SHERI C said...

The girl with a flower in her hair is beautiful! HAPPY PPF!

Phoenix Peacock said...

These are lovely. I love the nymph on the swing... so pretty!

Gloria said...

love your journal pages and your oil painting comes very close to looking like the real person. Great job! Happy PPF!

Netty said...

Beautiful journal pages and love your wonderful painting above as well. Happy PPF, Annette x

Christine said...

you did a wonderful job with your beautiful subject.

Heather said...

Your portrait is great!!! What a great job! And your journal page is beautiful!! He don't stress it will come back. It always does.

Julie said...

Nice! I love love love thst flower in her hair!

Julia Christie said...

Well I am so glad you picked up your paints as these are both wonderful!!!!

Love to visit, I really do!

Smiles and hugs!

Her Speak said...

You did a lovely job capturing her dewy look. Beautiful. :)

Kristin Dudish said...

You did a beautiful job of capturing Rose while staying true to your wonderful style... fabulous!

I love the crisp, cool, and free pages in EVA's sketchbook... such a fun project!


Dawn said...

Loving the journal pages so much I feel free looking at them!

love Dawn xx

Pam Tucker said...

So glad you picked up those paints! Gorgeous painting of Rose! I love it. Your journal pages are wonderfully fun and carefree! What a fun project that travelling sketchbook sounds like! ;)

peggy gatto said...

so wistful and free!!!
I love your blog header too!

Magic Love Crow said...

Nicola, beautiful painting! I know you say it isn't perfect, but I think it's stunning! And, I love your two pages in the sketchbook! Very carefree and full of life, I love it! Have a wonderful day ;o)

Heather said...

oh I love that woman on the beautiful...
i think its totally normal to feel, overwhelmed and uncreative...that's when it's time to take a break focus on something else and enjoy yourself...xoxo

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

Lovely, LOVELY work- your portrait is wonderful! I love how it looks like her but with YOUR extra special style and your sketchbook spread is FAB! I am loving all the sneak peaks from the sistahs here on PPF- awesome, it makes me even more excited to get the next book with more artwork in it!
PPF (and Sistah) hugs!

Terrie said...

You did a nice job - faces are SO hard! and i love your journal pages - fun and free!

Anne said...

Glad you jumped back into painting! Your portrait is lovely and I'm so glad you're happy with it, too! Your sketchbook spread is great. So full of life and joy!

KateH said...

She is a little sad, but very pretty! And I love the sketchbook! :)
Hope you'll feel more creative and inspired. I know what it feels like to be a little off. I hadn't posted anything on my blog for a long time untill I finally decided to do this PPF.
Have a good weekend!

Marlene said...

She is beautiful and so is your painting of her. I also really like your sketchbook page. I feel the same as you as far as being overwhelmed. I think all of the rain we have been having has added to the feeling.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Oh, the movement on that swing! Wonderful.
Great to see you having fun with your paints. :)

INeedToColor said...

Good for you for doing the right thing and getting your paints out! It sounds like your soul really needed it! A long time ago, I started using Composition books that I affectionately named "My Big Book of Ideas. I carry one with me all the time, so that if I have 5 minutes, I can sketch out an idea for a painting or write down a phrase I have rambling around in my head. This way I never lose my ideas - especially when I am in the "zone" AND, I have them for later when I am having a block. Even if I don't create based on one of my Big Ideas, just rereading it seems to help me get past my block! Happy PFF!

brendathour said...

I know just what you mean, been there many times. Thank God it passes. You really captured the essence of Rose Byrne, what a fantastic job you did!

priti.lisa said...

Beauty-full! Love the painting and...the art journal! I love the naked lady in the swing sooo much, I wish this was my book you were working on, Nicola...this is my first time meeting you (I am embarrassed to say) I am part of the's fun, right? ♥♥♥

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