Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Back to reality!!!

Hey guys, I feel like it's been forever since I blogged. It's only been about a week but I missed out on Paint Party Friday and Sunday sketches this last weekend. I've felt really out of sorts this last week or so and I think now that it was because I was stressing about this latest market I had. I've been working so hard on my jewellery and building up my stock with lots of variety and basically living and breathing it whilst also trying to keep two kids on school holidays occupied and happy. Then on Sunday hubby and I went off to do our latest market. It's a week before Mothers Day and we were told that this is the biggest market of the year and so had high expectations. It was very packed and busy and I did have lots and lots of people looking at my work asking questions and taking business cards and making lovely compliments. But it was my slowest market too. I'm not sure why but we just didn't do as well as I'd hoped. Perhaps I'd built it up too much and put too much pressure on myself? After talking to other market people I was told that it is just a very sporadic business and not to be disheartened. You can never pick when your big day is going to be.

So after feeling a little down about it I've decided to not let it stop me. I will have a break from the markets for a little while (it's cooling down over here now anyway so it's not something I'm keen to do through winter) and I want to get back to creating and painting and drawing as I've let that slip lately as I've been too busy.

I guess this is a constant learning curve.......
Anyway this is my stall on the weekend I feel like it was  our best set up yet I really liked my signs and paintings and just the way it all came together so that's good!
One thing that cheered me up this week was Eva's sketchbook arriving!!! I'm taking part in 'Sistahood of the travelling sketchbook' this year and I sent mine off last week and received Eva's in the post! I shall write up a proper blog post about this when I've made my entry :0)

Lastly I thought I'd share my owl painting with you. I showed my sketch in my previous post for Sunday sketches and finally got to finish it today!!! It's something quite out of my normal work so was fun for me to do and got my creative juices flowing again! :0)
What do you think? A friend suggested I try painting an Owl and I thought it might be a nice change from a person, I might try my hand at more animals! :0)


Leah said...

He looks so cute and fluffy. I just want to cuddle him. Such a great drawing. Again talented as usual.

Kelly Berkey said...

so sorry you didn't sell as much as you'd like, but your both looked wonderful! the owl is so dang cute too! xo

Carmen said...

That owl is adorable :D Definitely do more!

Sorry to read you felt so down after your market - it must be disheartening but hey, at least a load of people took your card? You may get the sales yet but online!

Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Nicola ;o) Welcome back ;o) Your stall at the craft fair was great! Don't be hard on yourself. You never know, those people who took your business cards, might turn into sales! And, I love the painting!!! The owl is so cute and I love the colours!! Take Care ;o)

artbrat said...

Love how the owl turned out. He's just adorable!

Kathy said...

Love the owl Nicola.. your stall looked amazing.. these things are always so hit and miss.. wouldn't stop going though..time of year, weather.. but it's important to get yourself out there and sales can come from the weirdest places..lol it is disappointing though.. but on the bright side..I always think I won't have to work quite so hard to get ready for the next one! lol

Diana Evans said...

Hi Nicola!!!! you are so right....it is like everyone telling you to go see this movie...it was the best movie ever....and then you have expectations....and the movie isn't all that you had hoped...I always try to just go without hearing from anyone...and then you are more relaxed and not that hard on yourself....

Your work is amazing and I am sure you will have many more amazing shows that will be a huge success!!!!

Love the owl too!!!


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