Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A present for a very special person.

Well here is my new Welsh lady, which was requested by my cousin Clarey who is about to pop with child number two! Clarey like myself, emmigrated to Oz from Wales however she's still in the 'early years' having only been here about 6 years. I know how hard it is when you make a commitment like this which means that half of your family and friends are on the other side of the world. Sometimes it's harder than others and at the moment I think Clarey is missing her other home and the people there with this special arrival fast approaching. So she requested that I paint a Welsh lady for her new baby's room. I wanted to add a special touch to this one and I've painted some of the Swansea coastline as seen from my house where I used to live, I hope she recognises this and that it helps her feel like she always has a part of home with her and her new family.
I painted this one on canvas with acrylic paints but i tried something new, I glued some tissue paper to the background to give it a bit of extra texture. I'm also going to do something extra special with the print so i'll show you that tomorrow when it's finished.
I hope she likes it as I'm giving it to her tomorrow, I'm pretty confident that she won't be checking my blog tonight (she's too busy putting her swollen feet up and nursing a sore back) not long now flower!!!


NatashaMay said...

She is beautiful! Your cousin will love her.

Val's Filigree Fancies said...

This is a very lovely painting Nicola - has such a gentle feel about it - your cousin will love it!

Jessie said...

She's so sweet! What a lovely gift for your cousin. She'll be thrilled with it I know it!xx

Kelly Berkey said...

Adorable painting!

Deedra said...

How darling, Nicola. Your work always brings me smiles...

Clare Incher said...

Her cousin says....I hate it! Ha ha only joking it is wonderful, fantastical and perfect! It makes it so much easier being away from my family such as my Mum and my sister, when I have such a wonderful crowd of Welshyness around me.

It would have been harder for Nicola to "settle" in to Australia cos everything was so different and to be honest she really didn't want to come, but for me it was totally my choice (apart from I was spellbound by my handsome Aussie husband)and made so much easier as my little friend/sister/cousin was here to take my hand and show me the way. I am so honoured to have one of her "pieces" on my wall my very own litte slice of the motherland to remind me of my roots.

Diolch yn fawr! (thank you very much) Nicola xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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