Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New pendant 'Summer fun'

Here is the first of my pendants made from my recent canvas! This is made from premium hand cut glass and is now listed in my etsy shop!!! I really love how these sillouhette paintings are turning out as pendants they are quite striking!


Jessie said...

Your paintings work so well as pendants! This image feels like a million miles away at the moment, still very cold here!xx

Marie S said...

Oh the pendants are great fun. This one reminds me of here, California.
Thanks so much for flying in on your magic carpet. Lovely thoughts you sent, made my day, thank you. Good luck.
Marie PWOH #907

Penny said...

Your design for Illustration Friday - 'Tango' the two dancing frogs would make a fantastic pendant too Nic! xxx

Kelly Berkey said...

I love it! so peaceful and the colors are gorgeous!!
Hugs to you dear!

Shirley said...

They are lovely, Nicola! I really like the one that I see in your Etsy shop to the left of this post too (the tree)- wonderful! I hope you're having a great always makes me smile to see your visits. Have a good weekend coming up!

Deedra said...

That turned out beautifully, Nicola!! Fantastic! Don't you love how when you shrink your drawings/paintings they somehow look even better than the already perfect original???

Sophia said...

Your new pendant is beautiful. I am STILL so far behind in getting things done and in my shop. Wish you lived close to me to help me get a move on!! :) hee

By the way, I posted Mr. Linky for tomorrow's Sunday Sketch that you expressed an interest in. You can find it here: Sunday Sketches


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