Friday, August 14, 2009

'Longing for Summer'

Still stuck in the thick of winter I day dreamed today whilst in front of the tele on a day off from the kids. Rhys is in school and Riley went to day care today. He goes once a week as I feel he needs that interaction with other kids and to be used to being away from me for a while. He's 3 in about 2 months so is getting bigger. I feel sad when I leave him there but he has a great time once I'm gone. Normally I end up cleaning and catching up on stuff around the house. But today I made sure that I knuckled down and did some art.

This was a page in my diary which I had stuck some textured paper onto and painted over it. I did that last week and didn't really know what I was going to do with it then I did this doodle in front of the tele whilst catching up on episodes of 'The Dollhouse' ( I love Joss Whedon). Perhaps that's what inspired this lady. Either way it was very relaxing. Now I'm off to pick up the children. Happy Friday!!!


Annette Q said...

Nicola, this background is great!! I like how you can see the patterned paper coming through. i've always had a bit of a problem with this. I've got a big box of beautiful patterned paper, when I start working on them for my pieces, they disappear because I layer too much, which i always find a shame! But really, you've done so well with this background and the doodles look beautiful on it :-)

Miss KB said...

Oh Wow! This is beautiful! Very Creative I love it. Her hair is whimsical! You have been pretty busy on your end of the world :) I am always so amazed by your creativity - thanks for sharing.


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