Sunday, August 30, 2009

Illustration Friday - Magnify

This week I found the theme a bit of a challenge. It's a great word but I had too many ideas floating around in my head and then when I would try and put them to paper they just wouldn't sketch out right. So this was the idea I settled on in the end. Not the word exactly but pretty close.

The writing says 'Her beauty was magnified by her sadness'.

I used a rose stamp for the background to give it a bit of texture. Her hair is inspired by a friend who recently went that colour and I thought it would look great in a painting instead of the usual hair that I would do.

Normally for Illustration Friday I would do it in the style of 'children's art' but this week my idea took me somewhere different. I'm not really sure what you would call this but it is another entry in my new journal that I just started. Anyway hope you like it!


Gai said...

Wow, what beautiful illustrations. I have just looked at your blog (thanks for your comments). lovely style. I love what you have written too, so much thought and expression in your depiction. brill

Laurie said...

She is so sadly beautiful! Love your style.

Widge said...

I've just clicked on your blog. I love what you write in your profile about just getting on with your dreams. so true! I really like this painting, quite haunting.

REDLAN said...

great painting. You are lucky. I don't know how to paint human images. :-(

Anonymous said...

The sadness beauty theme is created wonderfully.
Love her big eyes and long lashes.
Some themes always get me baffled. You did brilliantly!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Nicola,for your lovely message.
Being a childrens illustrator is such a wonderful gift. I am often drawn like a magpie to sparkle objects when I see a beautifully illustrated children's book. I have bought books just becuase of the illustrations. You must love this so much.

Leah said...

Love the hair


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