Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lady in red.....

This is a canvas that I have been working on for another couple of friends who've recently had a baby girl. (There must be something in the water over here as there are a lot of our friends who have had or are having babies.) I think I must have been inspired by Little Red Riding Hood for this one. I used the crackle paint effect again and this time I got a much better result. I'm going to varnish the painting when I'm happy that it's finished too. I'm just not sure if it needs something else? Or if I add anything will it over do it? Any suggestions would be welcome as I don't want to wreck it now...oh decisions decisions...... :0)


Serena said...

It looks beautiful, Nicola! I think it looks fine as it is. Btw, I agree on the baby niece had a baby three months ago and my daughter's friend also had a baby recently.

imwithsully said...

Very nice work. Do you sell on etsy?


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