Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Paintings on canvas

I bought 3 different shaped canvas' at a sale the other day and decided to do a small series of paintings which are based on pictures that I have done either for Illustration FridayMixed Media Monday or just doodles in my diary in the past. I've been thinking of painting some pictures for nieces and friends kids for their birthdays this year so thought I would have a look at how they might turn out and find out which designs are best suited. The mermaid taken from the Mixed Media Monday piece I did a few weeks ago. I'm thinking of scanning this one in and making it somehow into a book mark. I'll have a play around with it a bit more I think as I like this design. The Princess is one that started from a doodle in my diary as I was watching 'Merlin' on the tele the other night with my little boy. The second painting is done in acrylic but I also used the flow improver which makes the paint smoother and more watery without loosing the colours. I'm quite happy with them both and didn't want to wait until I could get my hands on the scanner so I took a pic, it'll be interesting to see how they look when they are scanned in as I think they have come up nice in the photo.


Penny said...

You're certainly finding your style now Nic. Love the Princess; her dress and headband too. I can see her appearing in more of your artwork! xxx

Aiden said...

These are great Nic! It must be so exciting to see them go from sketches to big canvas paintings. I'm loving being able to see all your art right away - keep up the good work!

Janny said...

They are great!


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