Sunday, May 31, 2009

Illustration Friday - Adapt

This week I had started this painting before I saw the topic for Illustration Friday and was very happy that I could 'Adapt' the meaning to suit the topic. In more ways than one. I was inspired to do this painting whilst driving home the other day. It is Autumn actually almost Winter here in Australia and I've said it before I just LOVE the autumn leaves and colours this time of year. As I drove home I saw this tree that was blowing in the wind and there were loads of leaves just falling off it, it looked like it was raining leaves. Very beautiful. Every year I forget how cold it will be in the winter as it is soooo hot in the summer, but each year I just seem to adapt and really enjoy each season. This painting was done on canvas in acrylic paint which I'm really enjoying at the moment. The canvas is slightly bigger than A4 so it cut a little off the tree at the top when I scanned it in. Tomorrow I'm going to experiment for the first time with my new oil paints!!! Yay!!


thedoodlegirl said...

What a fun illustration! I love her beautiful eyes and the gorgeous fall colors. The leaves are so cool! I, too, love the fall! Good luck with your oil paints! Sounds fun!

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh, beautiful! I love your autumn colors and the gorgeous swirls in the falling leaves. OOooh, and have fun with the oils!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

What a whimsical and fun illustration!! Love the expression and those leaves are fabulous!

Squirrel Girl said...

I have a very hard time adapting to winter!!! She looks as if she will be fine though!


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