Monday, September 13, 2010

New supplies arrived today!

Hi guys I just thought I'd show you my first pieces I made with my new supplies today. I'm really loving these silver pendant dishes and the lovely chains. Most of the Japanese papers that I used are the ones that I brought back from Japan on our recent trip. I can't wait to make up some more of these pendants as I really like the shiny silver in these.

You can find these pieces in my shop


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Oh my goodness how wonderfully delicious are these fine pieces. It's fabulous! Love them all.

Penny said...

Stunning!!! :o)

Fair Rosamund said...

These are so pretty!! The chains are lovely, and that is so cool that they are genuine Japanese papers! :) ~Lauren

Laura Beth said...

Gorgeous necklaces you've been doing! And I love the "Immovable" painting on your earlier post. So neat.

<3 Laura Beth

PS. Thanks for the nice comments on my new Halloween pieces.

Sophia said...

I love that heart one, Nicola. I am so envious of you and the time you have to do so much art. Ugh. I need to find a way to free up more time for myself. :) It's very lovely. I would wear it! Hugs!


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