Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunday Sketches some new ladies to paint!

Hi Guys well this weekend has been so cold and wet that we were complete hermits yesterday. Actually the day before wasn't so bad and my eldest and I even got to go for a run which was nice but yesterday was a real blobby day!!! I managed to sketch some ladies in my journal that I'm going to paint this week. Really enjoying this project I set myself and can't wait to see how my picture progress.

I wanted to try a profile this time as I really haven't done many. I really struggle to get the size of everything right. I'm going to paint lots of flowers in this one. She reminds of me of someone from Victorian times perhaps?

This on is on the next page and I wanted to paint someone with their eye(s) shut, like she is deep in thought!

I'm looking forward to painting these this week! :0)

Last up before I go I really wanted to share this amazing artist with you! Her name is Penny Hehir (you can click on her name to get to her blog). She is my mum and one amazing talented artist!!! Check out her newest portrait piece it completely blew me away!!!  I'm going to try and get her to join us at Sunday sketches (she's quite new to all this blogging).....


Sophia said...

Your girls are lovely, Nicola. Totally loving the second one. It's been quite humid the last couple of days here. We had some rain last week but not much. Hoping for some this week to get some relief. Hugs :)

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Super beautiful sketches!! Gorgeous..and soulful and strong spirits! Thanks for the link..awesome!
Shine on!

Joni Nickrent said...

Beautiful that they spread across two pages. Can't wait to see them in color! Happy Sunday Sketches! POP ART MINIS Will be sure to pop by your Mom's page too!

Marlene said...

Your ladies are beautiful. The first one reminds me of a very proper lady, and I love the closed eye on the second one.

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

they are beautiful, I love the closed eyed one dreamy!
cheers, dana

Heather said...

i love the beautiful eyelashes on the lady in the second picture...oh she will be lovely when painted!! sorry it's so cold, we were in the 90s today! xo

Magic Love Crow said...

Your ladies are beautiful Nicola! And, your mom is so talented! Wow!

NatashaMay said...

The ladies are beautiful! Love the profile.:)

Diane said...

Love these wonderful sketches, and I see where you get your talent from--your Mum's work is amazing!!

amy said...

Hm. I started following last week because i was awesomely inspired by your idea to make a book for working on your big eye girls - but i oddly think i was still too ill to comment.
But here i am telling you that i loved the idea so much, and if you don't care, i'll be linking to that post on my own blog soonly.

You just have neat ideas, friend.


aquariann said...

Lovely lady sketches! And wow, your momma is very talented, too.

m7 said... the concept of extending the hair to the other! :)


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