Friday, January 22, 2010

New canvas - Tree

After going out of my comfort zone for last week's Illustration Friday I decided to try my hand at another painting which had no people, and was something completely different from what I would normally do. I've had this idea in my head all week after painting my Wilderness painting. I googled a few photos of trees to give me an idea and I basically just doodled this, it took me a few days as when i started it i didn't really like it but this afternoon after having a break from it I was able to go back to it from a fresh perspective. I was able to still use quite a few colours but I feel like it's not as 'loud' as my usual pieces. I'm also keen to make up some pendants with this design of different shapes as i think it would look good in a small size, I shall post some pics when I make them up!


Penny said...

Wow! Spooky!!! So different from your other pieces. Great to see you 'branching' out [excuse the pun!] into different images! xxx

Kaili said...

Its great to see you experimenting Nicola with your art. I believe its the only way to develop and hone our own style. I need to do more of it myself!

Anonymous said...

Great painting.. too fun. I think I see a little owl!
Thanks for posting.. xo

Susan Beth Studio said...

Nicola this is really beautiful - I love the colors you used in the sky, and the movement of the branches. I also love the birds and the larger silhouette in the middle of the tree (an owl perhaps? But maybe not!) It's all very mysterious, intriguing and yet peaceful at the same time. Bravo, you should be quite proud of this piece!

Annette Q said...

Hi Nicola! Wow what beautiful colours, the purple and yellow go so well together. Love your idea of a silhouette :-)


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