Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Bookmarks

It has been a crazy week this week and this weekend in between two weddings and also working on this weeks Illustration Friday theme (which I'm yet to finish), I managed to draft up some new ideas for bookmarks, I really liked the last lot that I did but felt it was time for some new designs especially as Christmas is coming up in and this year I would like to make some gifts for my family. I'm also waiting for some supplies to arrive from the states as I would like to make my art into pendants. I've been wanting to use my paintings and turn them into something wearable for a while now and have just fallen in love with the concept of marble magnet pendants. So hopefully my supplies will arrive on Monday and I'll be able to start working on those too!!!!

The other drawing that I have posted today is a monster created by my 3 year old Riley!! I think he's going to want to start his own blog soon and insisted that I put this on mine as he has been watching me paint for a long time now and I think he's starting to get a little bit interested. :0)

8 comments: said...

Its very very excellent

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Riley did a great job! :)
Love the bookmarks, the daisy with the bumble bee is just too cute!

Quilt Works said...

I like the rain :-) I like her expression - sometimes it is so nice to walk in the rain!

Julie said...
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Julie said...

Thanks for your visit & for following me! Your art is lovely ~ so whimsical! : )

Annette Q said...

Nicola, these are lovely bookmarks! I love the raindrops splashing on the lady's head. V.sweet!
What are marble magnet pendants? Sounds good but never heard of them.
Oh, and I love the drawing by Riley too! Isn't that expression fantastic? He's going to be talented like his mum!
My daughter is in a drawing phase too. I'm in constant awe of what she's producing. I often find her in my workspace taking full advantage of my art supplies. The artist in her has taken over and I love it!:-D

Penny said...

Yes - I love the raindrops one too! And Riley's drawing is fantastic! Mother and son - both very talented! xxx

Kristin said...

Hi there! I love the work of both artists in the family! How cute that Riley wanted to be a part of your blog! The bookmarks are wonderful and I love your Rose painting - Love that you work on such a large scale too! Thank you for your sweet comments! Kristin :)


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